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  • Lisa Patchem Photography

    Lisa Patchem Photography, Longmont Photographer Lisa is a portrait photographer based out of Old Town in Longmont Colorado.

  • Sarah McLaughlin

    As an artist, I am drawn in by the beauty around me.  I am inspired by light and shadow; its ability to create drama and to evoke emotion, as well as the textures and patterns that make up our lives.  I use my camera to explore, to interpret and to share the grandeur of our world.

  • Heather Cherry

    My hope is to inspire, through assembled bits of things collected, a simple moment that makes you pause and consider fragile discoveries, and that which you know. And perhaps, one day, run unabashedly after all that you love…

  • Andrea Mathwich

    I have always been drawn to color and light, and although I have dabbled in other art forms I find I am most drawn to the glass arts, and dichroic glass in particular. Each glass pendant represents a beautiful piece of light and energy that we can place close to our hearts and carry with us wherever we go. When I am not creating glassworks, I work as a vinyasa yoga instructor at various locations in Longmont, CO.

  • Lindsey Wohlman

    Lindsey is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a focus on fine art photography and art history. She was selected to attend the Fine Arts program. Her senior show was based around Andy Warhol’s prints that were a representation of the pandora’s box that is the inside of a Campbell’s Soup Can.

  • Craig Stevens

    I work in many different formats and mediums, what ever suits my fancy at the moment. I am a bit of a Jeremy, the character from the Movie "Yellow Submarine," working on many things all at once.

  • Katie Queen

    Katie Queen is an artist and a ceramic adjunct faculty in the Los Angeles area colleges. Katie and her family live in Jefferson Park, Los Angeles where she makes mix media sculpture and functional ceramic works. Inspirations include, the power of man made objects and our physical and emotional impulses to need them.

  • Susan Mara

    Susan Mara works in both 2D and 3D media.  

  • Jill Powers

    Jill Powers creates environmental art and mixed media fiber art with unusual natural materials. Her primary material is Kozo, a tough inner bark, sustainably grown, which she laboriously cooks, opens, casts, paints, and stitches into abstract sculptures or installation pieces. Her website can be found at www.jillpowers.com

  • Annie Reiser

    Annie Reiser is a graduate of the Denver Botanic Gardens Botanical Illustrators Certification Program where she teaches part-time and is an active member of the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists.

  • Robin Bryant

    Robin Bryant has been working with clay since 1979.

  • Angela Beloian

    Angela Beloian's website can be found at www.beloian.com

  • Tim Ellis

    Tim Ellis owns French Quarter Photography in Longmont, CO. His images can be found at http://frenchquarterphotography.photoreflect.com/

  • Sara Sanderson

    Sara Sanderson is a Boulder-based artist. Her website can be found at http://saramilessandersonart.com

  • Sally Stockhold

    Sally Stockhold is a photographer whose unique vision allows her to craft stories through her works. Her website can be found at http://www.sallystockholdphotography.com

  • Sare Broers Brown

    Sara Broers Brown creates mixed media collages and quilted wall hangings. Her subject matter ranges from landscapes to visual narratives.

  • Tyrell Osborn

    While balancing work and mothering, she also continues to paint in her studio, showcasing her work in several shows per year. Tyrell’s own paintings are inspired by prismatic color, movement, patterns found in nature, the female body, and art of other world cultures.

  • Jonathan Wiley

    Jonathan Wiley is a Denver based artist. He works with a wide range of media including printmaking, cut paper, book art, and watercolor, all stemming from drawing roots.

  • Marian Hoffman Ting

    Marian Hoffman Ting was born in Pennsylvania in 1949. She studied at the Ivy School of Professional Art. Her life became revolutionized by collage, and she has exhibited work nationally since 1970.

  • William Stoehr

    Bill retired seven years ago as president of National Geographic Maps in order to paint. Interested in neuroaesthetics, he recently spoke at The American Visionary Art Museum for the Johns Hopkins University Brain Science Institute’s program The Science of the Arts. Following this, he co-created a three-evening program in collaboration with the University of Colorado's Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art called Your Brain on Art.

  • Linda Lowry

    My subject matter has focused on interiors, gardens, still life and figures with a common thread of narrative. For almost twenty-five years I have painted places that blend past and present. I want the places of the past to have a vitality in the present.

  • Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

    I’ve been an artist and photographer for over 35 years. I received my BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and have worked as a portrait and commercial/stock photographer, filmmaker, videographer, and a conceptual fine artist. Most recently, my work embraces what I refer to as the ‘intimate landscape’.

  • Nancy Sullo

    Nancy Sullo has been painting in watercolor for about 15 years. She has been in numerous juried shows, received several awards, and is a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society. Nancy teaches a variety of beginner and intermediate watercolor classes, and especially loves showing newcomers that they really can paint.

  • Jessica Forrestal

    I am a working artist in Denver, Colorado. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I moved to Colorado in 2001. I earned a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University in Fort Collins in 2005 and I am currently working towards an MA in Art and Design at the University of Northern Colorado.

  • Sabrina Pitman

    Sabrina Pitman participated in the Bicycle Art Exhibition in June 2013. She created a mixed media mosaic titled Ragazza in Bicicletta based on the following photo taken in Sant'Agata de' Goti, Italy.

  • John Goyer

    I sketch with the camera. It isn’t a defined object I’m looking for; it is color, light, shape and texture, line, dimension and pattern and how they combine to form an image. In my younger days, I learned to draw by drawing from photographs - searching out the combination and organization of elements.

  • Carrie Diaz

    Carrie Diaz was born in Boulder, Colorado and resides in Denver, Colorado where she completed her Associate Degree at the Art Institute of Colorado with a concentration in Visual Communications. Carrie works predominantly in the medium of painting using the mediums of chalk pastel and watercolor. She has combined her love of the outdoors and outdoor sports to create one-of-a-kind original watercolor paintings.

  • Alisa Hatcher

    My name is Alisa Hatcher and I am a graphic designer and owner of Colorado Marketing Concierge, a Denver based marketing company. I have been designing canvas art for family, friends and businesses for over 6 years—there’s nothing better than seeing someone fall in love with one of my designs. All of my canvas art is unique and customizable— inspired by the people that surround me and the activities I participate in.

  • Katy Diver

    I grew up in the Hudson River Valley not far from New York City, in a home filled with books and in a community with many artists, musicians and even circus performers! In my twenties I traveled through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and India, which deeply influenced my life and art. I have exhibited my work in many galleries, including Middle Fish in Boulder, Colorado, Appalachiana in Virginia, and the Klay Gallery in New York.

  • Marlena Leach

    Marlena Leach creates paintings with the use of bold colors and likes to show energy and movement in her paintings that stimulate the eye. She likes to paint with acrylics and highlight with oil pastels. Marlena believes her style to be impressionistic in an abstract form.

  • Paul Mack (Rocketman)

    Paul Mack, cartoonist, illustrator, and cyclist, is the creator of Rockettoonz, a company specializing in bike-theme prints. His items can be found throughout various shops in the Front Range. See more of his work here. 

  • Tandem Designs Jewelry

    Angelica Demopoulos is the creative force behind Tandem Designs Jewelry, while Heidi Keyes is the marketing guru. They specialize in recycled and up-cycled jewelry created from bicycle tires. Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tandemdesignsjewelry and their Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/tandemdesignsjewelry.

  • Patrick Dashiell

    Patrick Dashiell participated in the Bike Art Exhibiton in June 2013. His work Love and Chains was created from a recycled bike chain and colored pencil.

  • John Laferlita

    I have been involved with photography since 1968. I have an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design, 1981. I have been teaching photography courses mostly for beginners since 1977.

  • Alan Peters

    Alan Peters is a local illustrator and graphic artist. Drawing with a combination of analog and digital techniques, Alan creates highly graphic works touching on subculture themes with wry humor and by uncovering beauty in the defunct. Alan is the owner of Jupiter Visual, an independent Boulder based graphic design company specializing in creative design, illustration, posters and screen printed work.

  • Mike Giese

    Mike Giese participated in the Bicycle Art Exhibition in June 2013. He presented two works,  Le Tour de France and War Paint.  

  • Jerome Daniels

    Jerome Daniels participated in the Bike Art Exhibion in June 2013. The frame of his tallbike creation, titled Žaibas, was forged from two vintage electro-forged Schwinns by Grand Junction artist Jon Rizzo. The paint design was suggested by his daughter Rebecca Daniels and friend Carrie Wilson.

  • Nancy Nagel

    Nancy Nagel's creations are hand blown using a torch and are sculpted from borosilicate glass (a durable hard glass). Every sculpture is a one of a kind creation and is based on her love of nature and humor. Her whimsical works can be found at http://www.nancynagel.com.

  • John Vogl

    John Vogl is the founder of the Bungaloo, a small design/illustration/screen printing studio based in Denver. See more of his work at http://www.thebungaloo.com/ and www.etsy.com/shop/theBungaloo.

  • Lauren Mocilac

    This past year I was allowed the opportunity to work from home on my artwork and have learned so much about myself as an artist, my art and my inspirations. In previous years my work had ranged in themes, styles, and scale. I had little direction and focused not on creating my own identity as an artist but rather experimenting with new mediums.

  • Kyle Cunniff

    Kyle Cunniff is a designer of many trades. After studying industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY,  Kyle worked for a lighting company and created his own line of handmade glass lamps. In 2009 Kyle left New York for Vermont, working at an artisan sheep dairy farm and from there moved to Chicago to work with his family at a wheel refinishing shop.

  • Jill Eudaly

    Jill Eudaly is an environment artist who believes that art can be created from societies’ castoffs. Jill hopes to create societal awareness in which folks are more environmentally conscious, as oposed to mindlessly tossing everything into a landfill. Her work often contains themes reflective of today’s environmental issues.

  • Amanda Gadomski

    Amanda Gadomski participated in the Bicycle Art Exhibition in June 2013. She specializes in upcycled, recycled, or repurposed items. Check out her Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/people/Agadomski.

  • Jared Rippy

    Jared Rippy is a designer, letterer, and illustrator living and working in Denver, CO. He is the co-founder of Formula Health, Postscript Postcards, and Novel Design Studio. http://www.jaredrippy.com/ http://novel.is/ 

  • Julie Clement

    Julie Clement is vivacious; and her energy, contagious! This contradicts her hours of isolation applying meditative dots—an art process that feeds her as she moves between her roles as wife, mother, active community member, writer, and filmmaker. With capriciousness and boldness of color, she paints her soul’s desire, which playfully connects her to the Earth and the Unseen World.

  • Anthony Grant

    I have a studio and fine arts gallery in old town Louisville, Colorado. I have been a self-taught painter for over 30 years. I work in both abstract representational and expressionism painting.

  • Rose Lynch

    Artist Statement Abstract expressionism, or “action painting” is what interests me. I must have had a very colorless childhood, as vibrant colors now seep from every pore and appear as texture and layering in my paintings. My work is about color, texture, space and form.

  • C+M Designs

    C+M Designs is a wife+husband creative collaboration of Caroline Bowles and Marco Pino. We work and thrive in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Marco spent his childhood in northern Chile.

  • Georgia Rowswell

    Georgia Rowswell Artist's Statement I come from a family that appreciates the value, craftsmanship and personal expression of a thing beautifully made. My formal degree is in painting and drawing but my love of art began early under the tutelage of my Mother. Her artistic curiosity and mastery of the “woman's arts,” instilled in me a love for “The irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by the human hand.” - Willa Cather Art has always been the language I use to translate the worl...

  • Sean Fitzgibbon

      Artist Sean Fitzgibbon exhibits work on the east coast and throughout the Midwest. He has illustrated books and is currently illustrating a documentary style graphic novel that chronicles the Norman Baker years (1938-1939) of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. ARTIST STATEMENT My art is composed of drawn and painted, interconnected images that explore concepts of mystery and perception while incorporating many visuals observed through my travels.

  • Tony Umile

    Tony Umile is an active volunteer of the Firehouse Art Center and a local photographer. His website can be seen at www.tonyumile.com.

  • Stephanie Hilvitz

    Stephanie Hilvitz is an artist who lives in Old Town Longmont.   Much of my work is an exploration of milagros, amulets and talisman. The symbols and sacred beliefs share a deep connection in meaning and knowledge across the world and across time.

  • Jane Gnoit

    Jane is a fiber artist, participating in the Fiber Show at the Firehouse in January 2012

  • Marco Montanari

    Marco Montanari participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011.  

  • Marcela Ot'alora

    Marcela Ot'alora participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011.  

  • Jody Madson

    Jody Madson participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011  

  • Linda Gleitz

    Linda Gleitz participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011.  

  • Leah Bradley

    Leah Bradley participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011.  

  • Annette Coleman

    Annette Coleman participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011.  

  • Pete Wysong

    Pete Wysong participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011.  

  • Mark Rossier

    Mark Rossier participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011.  

  • Martha Williams

    “A native of Longmont, I live in Longmont and maintain a studio at the Firehouse Art Center. I am a plein-air painter with most of my work done on location. My paintings often reflect trips that I have taken.

  • Mark Montgomery

    Mark is from Denver, Colorado and learned his scrollsaw work as a hobby while working in the oilfields of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota. After 35 years of working his knees have ‘left him’ and Mark has embarked on a career as a full time scrollsaw artist. Mark has a studio at the Firehouse Art Center and works by hand using a scrollsaw.

  • Rick Stoner

    Rick Stoner's work is well known and highly regarded; his western themes make him particularly well received in Colorado but his reach extends beyond region. Rick Stoner grew up in Cortez, Colorado and now lives in Longmont where he works as an artist and teaches at the Front Range Community College. “The subjects in my paintings tend to take their own paths… I start out with a particular setup, then end up putting more objects in or taking things out or moving things around.

  • Dwayne Wolff

    “Painting and drawing are another way of keeping a diary. But although my work is inspired by my life and times, my object is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of equal intensity. In my art, I’m not trying to duplicate external forms, but get to the essence of things. My interests in art are looking at reality and transforming it, through drawing and painting, into something else.

  • Lynn Brown

    Lynn Brown is a fiber artist whose studio is associated with Firehouse Art Center.

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