Our Ancestors Project submission is open until October 26, 2018.

Ancestors Project Call for Photos

The Ancestors Project invites participants to submit photographs of those they wish to honor in a digital memorial that will be projected at the Friday, Nov 2 fiesta and at the Catrina Ball at the Dicken’s Opera House. We will accept images of both family members and pets. We will separate the images honoring the human family members first.

Terms of Use
Certain images submitted to the Ancestors Project may be color-corrected and cropped. In no way will images be distorted, cut-up or edited as to misrepresent, and/or change the likeness of the main subject in the photo. We will archive photos to be used in future Ancestors Projects.

Submission Guidelines
Digital Image Quality: We accept most pictures ranging in quality, but prefer ‘hi-resolution’ or ‘hi-definition’ images if possible. Submissions from Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) are accepted, but keep in mind these are not the best quality and any alternatives should be used when submitting. As a rule of thumb, if your image is several hundred Kilobytes (kb) or around 1 MB or more, the image is a high
enough quality.

No Text: Please, submit only images of the person (or pet). Images with eulogies, names, or overlaid text will not be accepted.
Multiple Submissions: You are welcome to submit multiple times for different people you want to remember.

How to Submit: Please email your photos to the Firehouse in care of Beryl at info@firehouseart.org

Deadline Date: Deadline for submitting images is October 26 th