Visual highlights from the community programs that are at the heart of the Firehouse. Art classes for under-served children and adults, poetry and writing for all, private studios for local artists and contemporary film.

DECEMBER 5-22, 2017

Since 2011
Teacher: Mario Jose Olvera
Firehouse Art Center’s Art Attack program is designed especially for children living at Casa de la Esperanza, a residential community dedicated to helping agricultural workers and their families. During the school year, 4-12 students are involved in weekly classes that explore creativity, group acceptance, cooperation, project planning, and exposure to varied ways of art creating. The purpose of Art Attack is to provide a space to create outside the classroom setting, while still providing structure and access to instruction and feedback. In 2017 the program expanded to provide additional classes to 20+ teen students in partnership with the Longmont Children Youth & Families Center!

Since 2015
Teachers: Ann Knoble & Bradley Books
The Art of Possibility is a unique program that offers developmentally disabled participants access to the transformative nature of art through gallery visits, informal docent-led conversations about the art work and a hands-on art activity that responds to the art or uses the same medium as the exhibition. Recently the program has partnered with Longmont’s SCOPE program and the Spark: Alzheimers Association to provide expanded access to exhibitions and art classes. Featuring artwork from Lon, Briann, Laurelle, Charlie, Tammy, Ron, John, Dolores, Dylan, Eric, Jordy, Molls, Rebecca, and Lee.

Since 2011
Teachers: Mario Jose Olvera & Paula
Classes are based on the current exhibition. Exhibitions are mostly contemporary art, ranging from photography and printmaking to sculpture and design. Your children will learn about the exhibition and use materials and tech­niques similar to that of the exhibiting artist. All supplies provided. Free with Family Membership or $10 Drop-in.

Since 2016
Organizers: Christy Felton, Kim Sorden, Dustin Holland
Poetry and the Writers Workshops are two programs that work in tandem to bring the art of language to the Longmont Community. The Writers Workshops on the 3rd Friday of the month allow a lively discussion and exercises that expand the creative person’s skill set, so that they can create interesting expressions with words. Workshops are taught by a variety of people – sometimes photographers, painters, poets, or English teachers – so lessons offer new and exciting possibilities every month. Poetry Night is on the last Friday of the month (sometimes the 4th and occasionally the 5th Friday). This is an open mic opportunity, where our community of poets can explore how their poetry sounds, and how it effects their audiences. This is a warm, attentive group in an exceptional setting – which has become an incubator for great poetry. The Poets grow, and often find great collaborations or opportunities for publishing. Join us!

Since 2012
Curator: Lachlan Quintana
First Friday Films comes from both the artistic minds of the film making community while also pulling from its story tellers. Monthly screenings, allow you to experience fine art and stories with your friends, food, drinks, and, of course, film.

Since 1985
Artists: Rick Stoner, Dwayne Wolff & Martha Williams
The intended use of the Firehouse has been as a place for art—originally for artists’ workspace. It remains true to that intention with three active studio artists and over 40 artist members.


Curator: Jessica Kooiman Parker,