Artist Occupied South Gallery Residency


In the studio Thursdays & Saturdays


The Firehouse is pleased to announce the fifth resident artist to transform the South Gallery into a working artist studio. The program offers visitors a chance to wander into a working studio, explore, and talk to the artist. Visitors get a first-hand look at an artist at work and with repeated visits can see the work develop and change.

Tucek was born in Smithtown, Long Island, and discovered her love of art early on; by age 14 she was attending the Long Island Drawing School. She eventually graduated from the Pratt Institute for Illustration and received her MFA from Queens College. Tucek will expand her mark-making practice with a community driven project that intends to drive social progress and positive communication. During her residency she will be exploring Longmont and engaging the public by sharing stories, co-drawing and collecting first-person ephemera (among other things). The elements she collects will be part of her site-specific solo exhibition on view September 5 through October 6, 2018.

[Image by Sara Ford]