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First Friday Films Andrew Filippone

Fri, March 1, 2013 7:00 PM

Firehouse Film Night March 1, 2013


Andrew Filippone Jr. is a filmmaker in New York City. His work falls in and between documentary and experimental forms. His short film "'Charlie Rose' by Samuel Beckett" (2008) was called "brilliant...full of virtuosity and smartness" by Studio360 host Kurt Andersen and earned him the honorific "maker of high YouTube art" from Alexis Madrigal of "The Atlantic." The film received mentions in "Rolling Stone," "New York," and "Wired" magazines, along with screenings at the Chicago and Boston Underground Film Festivals and the New York Public Library.

More recently, he released "BLACK AIR: The Buick Grand National Documentary," a feature-length piece about the legendary 1980s muscle car. Autoblog called the film a "must-have," while Edmunds.com Editor-in-Chief Scott Oldham promised readers "you'll love it."

Through his filmmaking firm Telling Story, Inc., Andrew receives commissions for practical films from business clients. The company works locally, nationally, and internationally.


"Charlie Rose" by Samuel Beckett from Andrew Filippone Jr. on Vimeo.

PBS favorite "The Charlie Rose Show" is recast as theater of the absurd in this appropriated footage short.