About the project

Alicia Hatfield is an emerging artist, living and working in Boulder, CO, working with ideas revolving around childhood and security in a wide variety of media including printmaking, painting, photography and book arts. She recently graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from Cornish College of the Arts in May 2014.

Alicia’s Statement:

Every morning I’d wake up with a new heartbreak as I emptied out the jar of dead fireflies.
But every night I was still ecstatic capturing them,
and somehow just leaving them outside didn’t feel like an option.
They’ve always captivated me.
Precious, Precious, Alien, Short lived, Numerous, Powerful, Vulnerable, Passing, Armored
Unlike your company,
I can keep them in a jar
But like your company,
They don’t last long.
Or at least as long as I’d like.
All the sticks and leaves and water-soaked cotton balls in the world
Won’t make either of you stay forever
But I can try to fake it