About the project

My art stems from a private contrast of traditions, examining my heritage and environment. Working with various processes of printmaking, drawing, photography, installations, paper, fabric, sewing and staining, my artwork evokes a sensual response. Metaphors instigate a physical experience, creating a personal dialogue between the art object and the perception of the viewer.

The relationship between human life and the intense power of nature is endlessly amazing and inspiring. Ephemeral site-specific installations fill the viewer with a breath of fresh air, a sense of calm and coolness, invoking an uplifted and lighthearted feeling.

I enjoy the meditative experience of transforming materials into objects, creating hand-made shapes and striking use of color. Printing hundreds of pieces of translucent paper or fabric, folding, trimming, sewing, and turning them into imaginary shapes, my work also reflects the history of ‘women’s work’ and hours spent performing repetitive tasks.