About the project

I’m a multimedia artist working in painting, drawing, video and live performance. My work is generally inspired by a response to some of the more questionable human behaviors. These behaviors often manifest themselves in our hopes, fears and desires driving us to act in ways that harm others and the environment. At times I’ve explored consciousness itself as the starting point of many of these troubles. Often the problem comes down to how we obtain, divide and protect the resources that are necessary for our survival. The issue, then, is one of power. Who has it and who doesn’t? How do people who have power make keep it? Why can’t people who don’t have power get it? How can people who don’t have it get it? And so on. Sometimes subtly and at others more blatantly, I transform topics such as work, power, wealth, aging, vulnerability, self-image and status into projects that question the underlying motivations for many human interactions.


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