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The Firehouse Art Center inspires cultural awareness and human connection by providing
life enhancing experiences through art exhibitions, art education and cultural events.


The Firehouse is a non-profit art center committed to exhibiting thought provoking art created by local, regional and national artists. Through our no fee admission gallery and our outreach art classes taught at no cost to under resourced areas of the community, we strive to bring the healing nature of art to all.

The Firehouse Art Center is Longmont’s leading contemporary art center featuring national and local artists with over a dozen exhibitions a year. A cornerstone of the Longmont Creative District, we offer educational programs, events and membership programs to support creativity for all. Our goal is to raise cultural awareness and understanding of the arts in the regional community.

Main Gallery: “Augmented Organics”

Featuring Eleanor Sabin, Cheryl Coon, and Alexandra Christen-Munoz



“Augmented Organics” features the work of three artists exploring humanity’s extraordinary power to shape our environments – controlling nature, but never quite completely. Cheryl Coon, Eleanor Sabin and Alexandra Christen-Muñoz respond to the resilience and vigor of nature using a variety of mediums, from sculpture to sound.

To augment is defined as making something greater by adding to it, refering to man’s desire to improve nature through technology. Augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device. Using their various mediums, Coon, Sabin and Christen- Muñoz present the question that while the connection between mankind as a whole and nature is inalienable and important, do we as humans, improve nature? Can nature be tamed? Will humanity be able to coexist with the endlessness of the natural world around us?

Summer on the Streets starts May 13th

4th and Main- 4pm-8pm

Summer on the Streets and ArtWalk on Main are back. We will have a Summer Street Festival every 2nd Saturday, in conjunction with the Downtown Creative Crawl.  This series of Summer Festivals in Downtown provides the community with consistent 2nd Saturday events filled with art, music and culture, while creating unique opportunities for fun that make Downtown a “must go” monthly destination.

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The Firehouse Art Center is open to walk ins

12pm-5pm on Wednesday through Sunday.  We encourage mask wearing in the gallery to protect our guests, but it is not mandated.

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