The Artist Members at the Firehouse Art Center are the heart and soul of our community support network and our programming – your participation is vital!

John Cross

I am an image maker who is interested in merging historical figurative/representational painting techniques with contemporary design sensibilities and contemporary materials. The artworks I produce are, on one level, all about surface. The surface of the material being painted upon is just as important as the subject matter. The juxtaposition of highly realistic imagery with […]

Jennifer Pettus

The complication of life inspires me to use complicated combinations of materials and methods in my work. I create three dimensional shadowboxes, free form assemblages, and installations that defy categorization with calculated hodgepodge. I spend a lot of time “making the stuff to make the stuff,” re-purposing second-hand and throw-away materials with techniques like knitting, […]

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

I’ve been an artist and photographer for over 35 years. I received my BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and have worked as a portrait and commercial/stock photographer, filmmaker, videographer, and a conceptual fine artist. Most recently, my work embraces what I refer to as the ‘intimate landscape’. I’m interested in the […]

Alicia McKim

Alicia McKim incorporates traditional printmaking and letterpress processes with alternative techniques to facilitate her prints and artists’ books. Much of her work focuses on written language and its intricate system of codes and constructs that are woven into contemporary society. She exhibits her artists’ books and prints internationally, and her work is in numerous private […]

Terrell S. Minton

My paintings reflect not only my love of nature but also my interest in finding and simplifying elements in the natural environment. I want my paintings to be about energy and color and my intent is to allow for a certain amount of mystery that the viewer can fill in for him or herself. What […]

Monica Carroll

My paintings and prints spring from observation, perception, invention, memory, intuition and play.  Explorations of my natural surroundings on foot, skate or ski fuel much of the work. The experience of nature instills a calm and a self-awareness I find essential to the creative process— so the two often become intertwined.  I am interested in […]

Leslie Jorgensen

Leslie creates both landscapes and abstract art. Her latest series Art of the Backcountry finds the space in between the two. It is about her experiences in the Rocky Mountains and the power of those places. Leslie lives in Broomfield and works from her studio in Denver. Her work has been included in galleries in Denver, Lafayette and […]

Paul Marcotte

I have lived in Colorado my whole life and love to photograph our beautiful state.” —  

Angela Beloian

The permanent nature of ink and stitching prevents erasing, insisting that each and every mark be acknowledged and incorporated into the work. As I explore the intersection between drawing and needlework, I am a spider weaving elaborate webs, listening to the individual elements as they dictate each move. — Angela Beloian has exhibited in museums, […]

Gerri Bradford

At 83 years of age, I think of my art as a dynamic life-long experience of exploration and continuous learning. My colorful oil paintings dwell on the journey of meditative and emotional wonders of nature…my conversation with the Universe. I am a member of the Cultural Art Council Fine Art Gallery in Estes Park, Plein […]

Christianna Driggs

Christianna Driggs is a painter originally from Rancho Santa Fe, California, whose lyrical abstract oil paintings convey a singular charm. A daydreamer since childhood, Driggs’s vibrant works capture the world through a whimsical eye. Driggs began her art career in earnest after a sepsis infection left her in a coma for nine days and landed her […]

Makenzie Davis

Despite our pop-cultured doomsday fantasies, the true definition of an apocalypse is an “uncovering,” and when translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, a lifting of the veil, or revelation. Volcanoes, and the anthropocentric extraction that surrounds them, are physical manifestations of the apocalypse of our world. They uncover the energy that comes […]

Jose Moncivais

I’m Jose Moncivais I’m from Windsor Colorado my natural talent has always been art, my passion is street art and photography. I was raised in a photography family and just got back into photography about two years ago and enjoy venturing and exploring new places – perspective, symmetrical, reflection photos are my main mediums and […]

Suzanne Frazier

The source of inspiration for my oil paintings comes from the natural world. I take my experience of living in Colorado since 1972, from hiking above timberline to sitting next to Boulder Creek, and collect them in my paintings as an organic universal experience of living on this planet. My greatest joy is painting all […]

Elaine Waterman

Elaine Waterman was born in New York City and has had the opportunity to live on both coasts, as well as in big cities and little towns.  Her work is fueled by the energy of urban living blended with the sense of small town community. Elaine began drawing and painting very young. She had her first solo […]

Jackson Carson

Jackson Carson – Abstract Fine Art Photographer – My style of photography is best summed up in a fortune cookie I once received that reads, “You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability.” I’ve been lucky to catch sight of accidental impressionist landscapes in the rust of old car doors, modernist […]

Rick Stoner

Rick Stoner’s work is well known and highly regarded; his western themes make him particularly well received in Colorado but his reach extends beyond region. Rick Stoner grew up in Cortez, Colorado and now lives in Longmont where he works as an artist and teaches at the Front Range Community College. “The subjects in my […]

Georgia Anderson

Ammonite Swirls is a local jewelry collection made in Longmont, CO by Georgia Anderson. A zoologist specializing in avian conservation, she originally started selling her jewelry to help pay for school. Collaborating with non-profits such as Colorado Native Bird Care & Conservation, her unique jewelry supports both her as an artist and birds undergoing rehabilitation. […]

Kayla Koeune

Kayla grew up in small-town Wisconsin where she found a love for art at a very young age. And like most of Wisconsin youth, she spent much of hers in taverns; only she was busy drawing the bar flies from a fort she’d construct out of stools. Her passion to create never ceasing, she decided […]

Jon Eggers

I received my Bachelors Degree in Art from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Please contact me for quotes of the paintings shown here. I can also do a commissioned painting of your favorite classic car, truck, tractor or other machine. Together we can come up with a unique painting that you can treasure forever. As a painter, […]

Erin Teague

One of my favorite things as a child was story time. I loved how stories could deepen my perception of the world and reveal to me that despite immense diversity, we really all share the same grand journey.  We all share the paradox of pain and love, struggle and triumph, and the choices to give […]

Katie Thompson

My most recent work is made up of many layers. It is composed of pattern, free form shape, text, and more concrete subject matter. I wish to give the viewer an array of visual possibilities. It is important to me to use various styles of mark making, collage, paint application and printmaking. I incorporate bits […]

Kyra Coates

When I was a child I loved to draw pictures of women. I imagined what I drew birthed a new person somewhere in the world, and I was the architect of their story. I would release my drawings to the wind in the woods behind my house, believing then they would be born. Yet I […]

Lorene Nardell

My passion for photography, nature, spoken and written word, dance and activism has guided my art over the years. From poetry publications and poetry slams to modern dance companies, pottery studios and orchestrating giant street theater puppetry, I’ve followed my heart and allowed my spirit to guide me. I am an extremely visual person. I […]

Dustin Holland

Dustin Holland lives and works in Longmont, Colorado. He and Connor Magyar organize Don’t Yell At Me, a Colorado based poetry reading and concert series. Dustin enjoys collages, comic books, and potatoes. When he grows up he wants to be either Mick Foley or JG Ballard.  

Bettina Reiser

“I have always been drawn to nature and it’s life within. I create Interpretive drawings. Graphite, colored pencils, and ink are my preferred mediums. By seeking out textures and colors that “feel good” for each particular subject matter, I first compose line drawings. By letting the contours flow into the different objects I create, I […]

Paula Fitzgerald

After a career in landscape architecture where I specialized in outdoor recreational spaces, I have re-centered my life around art. Play is an essential element for a balanced life. Art is play; is meditative; expands your boundaries and never fails to surprise. Exploring various mediums and styles is an exciting journey and fulfills my need […]

Junghwa Lee

Junghwa Lee is a passionate painter who desires to share her love of acrylic painting with others. Everyone is welcome to her basic beginner’s acrylic painting class. Anyone who loves and is new to art can join. It is a fun, easy, and creative way to express creativity. Enrich your life through Art. For more […]

Mark Ivins

Call them “Secrets of secrets” as Diane Arbus did, or “Life as it happens” as Robert Frank did or perhaps “Between the idea and the reality – falls the shadow” TS Eliot did. (edited). These all describe in their own way what photography is, as I pursue it. The aim is to bring the viewer […]

Jon Fukuda

U.S. born – raised bi-cultural in Tokyo. Studied at Rhode Island School of Design. After earning a BFA in Sculpture, Jon set aside fine arts for a life of digital business innovation, as co-founder of Limina, a user experience design consultancy. For roughly 20 years, Jon has worked to apply his fine arts training in design and visual communication […]

Grace Gutierrez

Grace Gutierrez is best known for her use of bright florescent colors, feminine forms, and lively subjects. She paints with acrylic, and uses pen and ink for line-work. She has an illustrative style being influence by artists like David Choe, Lauren Young Smith, and Hieronymus Bosch. Grace is fascinated by subtle yet beautiful flaws, trendy […]

Maria Harris

For 7 decades my art life continues to be both rewarding and sustaining. With some time out to come to terms with incurable terminal illness, i have gradually been producing work on a comission only basis…now i feel that this submission for membership is an exercise in optimism….for the future. Art is the warp upon […]

Donna Clement

I have been painting most of my life; most of that time I have painted representational artwork, much of it photo realism. My inspiration has always been the ever changing ocean, the life it contains and the treasures that are washed up on the shore. I also create botanical illustrations as seed package artwork, which […]

Dwayne Wolff

“Painting and drawing are another way of keeping a diary. But although my work is inspired by my life and times, my object is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of equal intensity. In my art, I’m not trying to duplicate external forms, but get to the essence of things. My interests in […]

Lisa Patchem

Lisa Patchem Photography, Longmont Photographer Lisa is a portrait and event photographer based out of Old Town in Longmont Colorado. She has her degree in photography from School of Visual Arts in New York City and has worked in the industry for 10 years on the East Coast before moving to Colorado. Lisa specializes in […]

Mario Jose Olvera

Mario Jose Olvera’s love and appreciation of art began at the age of 13 when he discovered the craft of lettering. His skill and admiration continued to grow through his involvement with an art warehouse cooperative, experimenting with a plethora of art forms such as pen, brush and spray can painting. Mario’s artistic lens has […]

Gili Wolf

By day I’m a graphic designer, so like many of us, most of my waking hours are spent interacting with a computer. This body of work began as an exercise in removing myself from a machine and returning to the process of creating with my hands — without a keyboard. While this work is definitively […]

Megan LeSage

I have spent the last 8 years as a middle school Art teacher, and am dedicated to making sure my Art muscles don’t get too rusty.  I am a Longmont native, and a graduate of the CSU Art Education program as well as the UNC Art and Design Masters program.  Although I work in many media, I tend to make my home in […]

Savana Suniga

Savana is a published author, national artist, wife, and mother of two. She works with mixed media on canvas to infuse her dreams and spirituality into art. Savana accepts commissions upon request. Find her online: website: Instagram: @savanalees      

Martha Williams

A native of Longmont, I live in Longmont and maintain a studio at the Firehouse Art Center. I am a plein-air painter with most of my work done on location. My paintings often reflect trips that I have taken. My most recent trip was an eight-day raft trip down the Grand Canyon with a group […]

Suzan Hatch

I am a mosaic artist. I use glass, metal, ceramic, semi-precious stone, and other interesting and fun material to form intricate design. I shape forms to flow, dance, and enjoy. I create woven tapestries off mosaic to play with color and light. Find her online: Website: Facebook: Suzan Hatch Art

Creed Guidice

Creed Guidice uses his child-like imagination to create abstract organisms as the center of his paintings while implementing slivers of the human figure. Creed was born in Boulder Colorado and raised in Lyons where his boredom and the nature around him influenced his creativity in a unique and unexplainable way. Creed utilizes a variety of […]

Peter Grundy

The whole process of creating woodcuts excites me. The physical nature of carving and treating paper with respect is a very cathartic exercise, that helps me to slow down and focus. The ink marks made from cut edges, embossed impressions from the block and the unique nature that each print, accentuates the preciousness of the […]

Arpita Choudhury

Arpita Choudhury is a freelance illustrator who is inspired by the natural world. She strives to show nature in all its’ diversity and brilliance. Her illustrations vary from a “portrait” of a particular species to more of a narrative. She is interested in the different strategies plants and animals use to adapt and thrive as […]

Julie Puma

Julie Puma was born in Brooklyn New York. When she was six months old, her parents moved to a small Village in England, where she lived until she was fourteen. Currently she lives in Denver. She received her undergraduate from Western Illinois University; her first Masters is in art therapy from The School of The […]

Linda Gleitz

Linda Gleitz participated in the Objects of Inspiration show in 2011 and the HOVAB (History of Visual Arts in Boulder) show in 2016! You can learn more about Linda here:

Homa Nekoorad

Homa is an intuitive artist, designer, mom, story teller, music junkie, lover of dark chocolate, and yogi. Most nights she dreams in hexadecimal colors. After graduating from University of Memphis with BA in Psychology, she studied graphic design at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. This is where she fell in love with the art of […]

Janae Baumhover

Janae Baumhover BFA is a stone sculptor living and working in Boulder County Colorado. She has  worked in stone for over 20 years exploring the connection between creative form and nature. Using a technique called direct carving. In 2006 her work was commissioned and is currently displayed  in the Post Office Lobby in Ft Collins Colorado. Janae shows her work in several art […]

Robert Shea

Robert Shea has studied fine art and digital multimedia since 2005.  Having mostly lived in the Colorado front range, he derives plenty of inspiration from the local environment, wildlife, and new age ideas.  Vibrant colors and swirling textures are prominent in many of his paintings, combining the psychedelic and the somewhat familiar.  Other subjects and […]

Julie Clement

Julie Clement is vivacious; and her energy, contagious! This contradicts her hours of isolation applying meditative dots—an art process that feeds her as she moves between her roles as mother, active community member and writer. With capriciousness and boldness of color, she paints her soul’s desire, which playfully connects her to the Earth and the […]

Stephanie Hilvitz

Much of my work is an exploration of milagros, amulets and talisman. The symbols and sacred beliefs share a deep connection in meaning and knowledge across the world and across time. I like the label of ‘ethnic merging’ rather than mixed media to describe this work, the coming together of influences that draw from the […]

Cindi Yaklich

For me, art is about learning. Learning to be quiet and learning to be loud. Learning to explore and to accept, to sit and observe, feel and touch. Art teaches us to look intently and avoid the preconceived. Art is freedom… with realities. Art is life. My career began with art, yet it still is […]

Kari Knapp

Kari Knapp was born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1977.  Raised in Moorhead, Minnesota and Tucson, Arizona, she enjoyed spending time outside exploring the different landscapes. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1992; this led to medical treatment and she spent time in and out of the hospital, which ultimately resulted in the removal […]

Jill Rumley

My interest in art began with photography in my early teens. I received my first camera, a Kodak Disc Camera, as a gift at the age of 13. Throughout the years, I enjoyed film photography until digital cameras were available in the late 1990’s. In 2015, I started oil painting. My first experience with this […]

J. Diane Martonis

Cut paper lends a quiet fragility to my work. Layering and overlapping creates shadows that echo the original, producing a repetition of angle, shape and value onto nearby surfaces. It is this play with lighting and shadow that I explore, using a simple medium of cut paper to manipulate texture and form through cutting and […]

Tess Northcutt

“I am a high school student and enjoy all of the arts very much. I have grown up in Colorado and lived in the Boulder/ Longmont area for most of my life. I enjoy listening to and playing many different kinds of music and traveling, and photography has become another passion of mine. It has […]

David J Spohn

David is a photographer and graphic artist working in a diverse range of subject matter.  He has been a Featured Artist at the Longmont ArtWalk (2014)   Find him online at

Annette Kennedy

I create pictorial art quilts that incorporate fabric, paint and thread based on photographs I have taken. I also eco-dye scarves with plants that I’ve grown and gathered. I live in Longmont, CO. I create my art with fabric, paint and thread and plants too. My goal is to express my personal experience with a […]

Madeline Wilson

As a child I spent weeks each year staring out at the countryside from the backseat of our car while we moved across country at regular intervals. I had no hometown – my roots lay in a nomadic lifestyle. The constant visual stream of billboards, neon signs, storefronts defined our culture as one of consumption. […]

Patricia Awapara

My intention is not to imitate nature, but to capture and interpret how it makes me feel. Inspiration comes from a place of discovery. I start with an idea, but I let the process take me in a winding path where no boundaries , judgment or expectations exist. Whether I am painting vast landscapes on […]

Charles Michael Hickman

Charlie is a straight, white, male finding his way in a homophobic, racist, patriarchy. He lives with his wife and son on land stolen from indigenous people through broken promises and deplorable acts. He descends from people who have worked to sever cultural traditions and abandon ancestral heritage, of the people of the wind, he […]

Irene Delka McCray

I marvel at the mysteries, vast possibilities, desires, and necessities all bound up in human beingness. In my paintings of bodies and cloth, cloth is in concert with bodies, enclosing them in silky knots and binding bundles, untying for free flowing escape, and then gathering and securing once again in essential holds. I see the […]

Lucy Simpson

I came to art as a hobbyist after a lengthy depression in my thirties. Just this past year, I’ve decided to make my professional focus art which feels like coming home to myself after a long absence. I’m also a published poet, but art is what makes me happy, the study, and the process. It […]

Megan Morgan

I love to draw, it is the foundation of my art. I’ve explored a variety of drawing mediums; but nothing excites me more than working with my dry and wet tusche washes. I want to give my viewers a new experience when they see my drawings; and this medium helps me to create the images […]

Donald Lee

I was born 1968 in Terre Haute, IN. I began drawing at a very young age. Throughout most of my 20’s and 30’s, I didn’t have the understanding of the profound effect that drawing had on me. It was not until about my late 30’s that I tapped into the true meaning drawing delivered to […]

Michael Campbell

Sallie Sprague

Sallie has been a photographer most of her life, around an active scientific career in biochemistry, cell biology and ecological restoration. Her scientific interest in photosynthesis and plant membrane structure parallels her botanical photography activities. She has worked primarily as a documentations photographer for scientific and environmental projects, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Her goal […]

Sean Nichols

I am dedicated to creating artwork that highlights our scientific and spiritual knowledge and how it relates to the chaotic and often humorous circumstances of life and consciousness. Exploring the wonders of the universe in detail while extracting the ironies and sarcasm behind humanity’s linear condition and our illusory version of reality are among the […]

Neva Hall

I spent my life being an artist wannabe. After retiring from a banking career, I did my best to learn the craft. I have taken lessons from local masters in color pencil, drawing, and soft pastels.  Now it’s up to me to practice and apply those lessons. I’m in love with nature and all creatures great […]

Sara Broers Brown

My mixed media collages and quilted wall hangings are my expression of my intuitive voice. My subject matter ranges from landscapes featuring the Rocky Mountains to visual narrative pieces dealing with women’s issues. My mixed media paintings and quilted wall hangings, though varied in media and subject matter, illustrate a cohesive style through the use […]

Vanessa Anderson

My art practice is multi-disciplinary and spans several media, methods, and techniques.  As an artist, I am more interested in narrative, emotional and philosophical content than genre, and seek to match the message with the best media for the expression of an idea.  My technical focus is in the media of drawing, oil painting, and […]

Cindy Sepucha

Cindy worked as a professional mural artist for 10+years, completing over 600 projects for customers including individuals, designers, builders, businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar, CA. During this time, she also showed her paintings at several Southern California art festivals, including the La Jolla Festival of the Arts, La […]

Jill Musser

My art work is an impressionistic expression of still life which I call Fresh Produce and Flowers. These paintings incorporate a simplified, uncluttered foreground and background to emphasize the color and texture of fruits, vegetables and flowers. I also enjoy figure and landscape subjects.   Colorful, energetic brush strokes and the palette knife technique give […]

Tony Caravella

I’m 27 and live in Longmont, Air Force Veteran and Martial Artist.