The Firehouse Art Center curates twelve unique exhibitions a year mixing solo and group shows. In keeping with our mission, our exhibitions are a diverse blend of traditional and contemporary styles that intersperse the work of local, regional and national artists. Please see below for exhibition opportunities and open call for entries:

As a cornerstone of the Creative District, we exhibit thought provoking work in all mediums, including installation, film and performance art.

The artist agrees to the following terms and conditions for showing at The Firehouse Art Center:
1) To pay $35 entry fee
2) To ship/deliver artwork at artist’s expense
3) To assume full liability for the work displayed at The Firehouse
4) To allow The Firehouse the right to photograph artwork to be used for publicity purposes.


The Firehouse Art Center is Longmont’s leading contemporary art center featuring national, regional, and local artists. Our beautiful National Historic Landmark building features three exhibitions spaces and over 1,300 square feet of space. We focus on accessible contemporary art that engages curiosity and conversation. Admission to the Firehouse is free and serves over 10,000 visitors each year. We were voted the Best Art Gallery in East Boulder County, for 7 years in a row and the Times Call Readers Choice for Best Art Gallery 6 years in a row. Our exhibits are regularly featured in local and regional news outlets including Boulder Weekly, Denver Westword, the Daily Times-Call, the Boulder Daily Camera, and the Longmont Leader.

Our exhibitions committee consists of artists, art administrators, business professionals, curators and art collectors. Preference is given to submissions that are culturally relevant with a unique perspective and the ability to provide a diverse art experience. Cutting edge contemporary work and multi-disciplinary artists are strongly encouraged. Group exhibitions and curatorial proposals are welcomed, as well as solo exhibition proposals from established and emerging artists in all mediums.

The mission of the Firehouse Art Center is to inspire cultural awareness and human connection by providing life enhancing experiences through art exhibitions, art education and cultural events. The Firehouse Art Center is the leading contemporary art space in downtown Longmont. As a cornerstone of the Creative District, we exhibit thought provoking work in all mediums, including installation, film and performance art.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Submissions must be made via and applications open July 1, 2023.  Deadline for entry is September 30, 2023.

“Hang Time” Members Group Show.

You must be an active Artist Member to apply.  Please direct membership inquiries to

Gallery team will choose artwork based on space. Artists will be notified by 10/31
Date: Applications open August 17, 2023.

Notification- 10/17

Hang Date- November 5 and November 6

Hangtime is back!!!

“Hang Time” will be open to work of all sizes and mediums, and hanging will be done by members during a hanging extravaganza Sunday, November 5, at 12:00 – 5:00 PM, and Monday, November 6th, 5pm-8pm. You will be hanging the work yourself, so if you hang later, rather than sooner, you might have to get creative with the space…

You can submit photographs of up to 5 artworks, and we will decide which works will best fit in the space. If you apply with larger work you may only get one piece chosen, where smaller works we might choose multiple ones to allow all members space to show. We will let folks know which works have been chosen by October 17, 2023.

Hanging will need to be done on either Sunday November 5th from 12-5pm or Monday November 6th from 5pm-8pm. We will provide all supplies for hanging, but all work will be hung by the members themselves. Firehouse staff will be around if you need assistance. If you are unable to come during these days, please reach out to arrange a drop off with Eric (

The show will come down on November 26th and November 27th.  We ask that you pick up your work either at 5pm-8pm on the 26th or 10am- 2pm on the 27th.  Please patch the hole your painting made at pick up, sand it and paint it!  We are excited for this truly artist member led exhibit!

Small Business Saturday / Artist Sunday Sale Holiday Market

This Market is open to active Artist Members.  Direct membership inquiries to Elaine at

Our Small Business Saturday and Artist Sunday sale is back for 2023! These days are celebrated to encourage shoppers to “shop small” after Black Friday to offer small businesses, artists, and makers a chance to make holiday sales. The Firehouse Art Center will be hosting 13 makers with a wide variety of items for the event, and along with the Longmont Downtown Development Authority, will sponsor and promote the event. You are required to process your own sales which means you need to acquire a sales tax license through the city of Longmont (which can be done by following the link below, cost is $25.00) We recommend you order a Square reader to be able to take credit card payments. The link to order one is also below. The most basic Square reader is free, but order soon to guarantee it gets here on time.  Longmont Sales Tax Info AND Square reader

The Firehouse will be taking a 10% commission from all sales for this event. However, the commission you owe the Firehouse is not to exceed $100.00. You are responsible for paying the Firehouse this commission either with cash, check, or through Paypal by 12/15.  We do not charge a booth fee to be a part of this event, and feel the 10% commission is beyond fair.  We trust our members will be accurate in bookkeeping!

Event Details:

– The sale dates are November 25th, and 26th, 2023 from noon-5pm. Because you are responsible for your own sales we ask that you are at your table the whole time to manage it. Arrangements can be made to take breaks with the Firehouse staff. If you will be absent from your table for an extended amount of time you need to figure out a way people can still purchase items. A barcode from Venmo being one option.

– We have tables available, please let us know if you need one. Please bring everything else you will need from table cloths, display cases, price tags, etc.

– Please plan on arriving at 11am on 11/26 to set up your table, and staying after 5pm on 11/28 to take down your table. Your table must be taken down on 11/27.

–  Marketing for this event is a group effort so please promote the event through social media, email lists, text invites if you can.
– The Firehouse is responsible for planning location of your table in any of our three gallery spaces. Please make a note in special requests if you have a physical reason that would preclude placement in Studio 64 upstairs.