Ceramics Studio

The Firehouse Art Center ceramics studio is located on the second floor of the Firehouse. This community space will host youth and adult classes that will explore wheelthrowing, handbuilding, and a variety of glazing techniques. The studio includes an electric kiln, two pottery wheels, spacious work tables, lockable storage, utility sink, and a variety of tools for all your ceramics needs! The space also provides an ample amount of natural lighting and a ventilation system.

Membership Levels: Starting on Jan 1, 2023

Create membership by experience level


  • $100 for the year
  • Welcome email includes invite for orientation and wheel certification, if not certified for wheel you can purchase a $200 add on, which includes 5.5 hours private instruction, 1 bag of clay (25lbs), limited glazes, and studio membership for the duration of your class (or you can bring a friend for 1/2 off- save $50 when you schedule with a friend)
  • Unless you are certified on the wheel you cannot sign up for wheel throwing open studio spots. Certification is easy though!  Sign up to get certified by emailing info@firehouseart.org
  • Space for clay under the greenware shelves (as available) as well as 1 foot of tool space on the upper tool shelves. Lockable lockers available for $25.
  • Discounted firing fees, discounted class fees for all Firehouse ceramics classes and inclusion in Firehouse Ceramics booth at ArtWalk Longmont events


  • Must pass wheel certification
  • $100 a year
  • Can sign up for all time slots

Advanced & Production Artist 

  • Only 5 spots open! You must be proficient on the wheel
  • Can block off time on the shared artist calendar
  • $100 a month, 6 month time commitment
  • Paid at once, $50 savings ($550)
  • Open access outside of open studio time 
  • Dedicated wet shelf (3 ft)
  • Free bisque firing



  • Eli or Art Sitter Monitor- 12pm-5pm (1 wheel throwing time slots with Eli and 2 with art sitter) Art Sitter Monitor- **While there is someone in the gallery in case you need assistance from 12pm-5pm, there is no studio monitor. You must be out of the studio by 5pm.
  • Eli- 5pm-9pm


  • Joy- 12pm-2:30pm (2 wheel throwing time slot)


  • Andrea- every other Tuesday- 12pm-3pm
  • Erin- every other Tuesday, 2pm-5pm (1 wheel throwing time slot)
  • Emily- 6pm-8:30pm (1 wheel throwing time slot)


Art Sitter Monitor- 1pm-4pm (2 intermediate wheel throwing time slots) **While there is someone in the gallery in case you need assistance from 12pm-5pm, there is no studio monitor. You must be out of the studio by 5pm.


  • Andrea- 10am-2pm (1 wheel throwing time slot)
  • FIring after 5pm- studio is closed



Art Sitter Monitor- 1pm-4pm (2 intermediate wheel throwing time slots) **While there is someone in the gallery in case you need assistance from 12pm-5pm, there is no studio monitor. You must be out of the studio by 5pm.

Art Sitter Monitor- 1pm-4pm (2 intermediate wheel throwing time slots) **While there is someone in the gallery in case you need assistance from 12pm-5pm, there is no studio monitor. 

  • Rick- 4pm-7pm(1 wheel throwing time slot)

Studio Time: This is the link to the shared calendar.   https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/1?cid=Y19jZGVxdTI5cGZ0M2xkMzNxbGFmcWowazJjZ0Bncm91cC5jYWxlbmRhci5nb29nbGUuY29t

Here is the link to the appointment page: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/selfsched?sstoken=UUtOUFJoalRNUmozfGRlZmF1bHR8ZGY5MTMwZjU0MjY2YTIyM2QxNWUxYTQzNTY5ZDE1ZGQ“.


To book an appointment, click on the calendar or the appointment page link.

To sign up for an open studio time slot:

  2. All Open Studio times will have appointment time slots that are available for sign up.  There are three spots per open studio. Depending on the monitor, there will be 1-2 wheel spots open.
  3. Click on the calendar link.
  4. Click on the date and time you are interested in.
  5. Click on the “Go to Appointment Page” link in blue.
  6. Sign up for an appointment time slot.  This will send an appointment notification to the Firehouse and to the Open Studio Monitor.
  7. If you need to cancel your appointment, just email info@firehouseart.org and also remove the appointment from your calendar.  Moderators will reopen your appointment time slot.
  8. Please try to make your appointment for open studio time more than 24 hours in advance so that the monitor can prepare for who will be in the studio for their time slot.
  9. If you plan on using the wheel you will need to get your certification. This entails either an evaluation of your experience on the wheel or completion of a Firehouse wheel throwing course. Schedule your wheel throwing one on one by emailing admin@firehouseart.org.
  • Please be respectful and mindful of the wheelthrowing time slots as they run right up to the next time frame, so have the wheel cleaned by the end of your time frame.
  • All open studio sessions are subject to future changes, so keep an eye on the calendar for cancellations and for email updates. Please reach out if you have difficulties accessing the calendar or have questions about signing up for an appointment time, or with any other questions or concerns!
  • Beginner/Wheel uncertified members cannot sign up for a wheel throwing open studio spot

Purchasing Clay

Clay is available for purchase, but please note you are to provide your own glazes or glaze ingredients. We have a beam scale and other tools needed if you like to mix your own glazes! Members can sign up to occupy a locker. Lockers are $25.00/year.

Firing your work

Our kiln master will fire Monday and Thursday – bisque on Monday and Glaze on Thursday. Please pay your firing fee online by 10am on the firing day.  Work must be dropped off by the day before firing at 5pm. The gallery is open from 12-5, Wed-Sun, barring events and installation (see the calendar for updates). Please attach your firing request to your pottery, including any firing notes. Firing form is on the greenware shelf.  While firing may occur faster, please allow for a 2 week turnaround time for firing.

*Price is for each firing. so whether you have one pot or a full kiln, you will pay this price, so please plan firings with this knowledge in mind

**If you are firing MANY pieces or you think you have more than a full kiln load, please be kind and pay double firing fee.  We tried to mandate a size box that would constitute a single firing fee, but unless we go to a weight or shelf space model, it is too nebulous so we are relying on the “pay it forward” good graces of our members and leaving it there! We are a non profit art center and our ceramics studio fees are VERY reasonable to increase access to all populations as well as subsidize outreach education offered at no cost to underresourced communities- THIS IS A BIG DEAL TO US AND I CAN’T STRESS HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE OUR MEMBERS FOR HELPING US MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH ART AND CULTURE. 

***Since we are a non-profit, we have volunteers that donate their time to assist with firing.  While we have a bisque and glaze scheduled each week, we do not guarantee a time period that your pieces will be done. We do ask that you expect a 2 week turnaround to give our team time to fire and allowing grace for any unforseen illnesses or emergencies. 

**** We will send an email letting you know your pieces are ready to pick up!

Pay for Member Firing Fees

Pay for Non- Member Firing Fees

Pay for Non Profit Firing Fees

Play with Clay (once a month)

Who: Firehouse Artist Members and Firehouse Ceramics Members or anyone interested in learning more about our ceramics membership!


Where: Firehouse Art Center Main Gallery- 667 4th Ave Longmont, CO

Join us for a casual gathering to play with clay and meet fellow Firehouse artist or ceramics members. Open to folks of all levels, demos will be shown for construction for beginners or just come and do your own thing! Only 15 dollars and the class covers your clay and for your pieces to get bisque fired. You can then pick up your fired work to paint at home or bring to our next Play with Clay night to glaze the work. Handbuilding projects only.

Play with clay will resume in January 2023.