An important part of our mission at the Firehouse Art Center is to
provide educational arts and culture opportunities for members of our community.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch the art classes filmed live during Summer 2020.

Art Adventures

Art Adventures in English and Spanish

Arts Education, Online and on Television! 
Our instructor, Miss Joy, is a bilingual ELL educator. She teaches each step of the project in both English and Spanish. ELL kids have a chance to spend time hearing and speaking English, and English-speaking children are exposed to the Spanish language, strengthening neural pathways that make language learning easier.

Art Attack

Art Attack

Arts and Culture Enrichment for Underserved Children! 
Art Attack provides children living at La Casa de la Esperanza with monthly arts education and activities.

Tom Rice Exhibition (April 30, 2015)

Art of Possibility

A monthly opportunity for adults and children with developmental disabilities to explore their creativity! 
In collaboration with Imagine!, the Art of Possibilities provides access to art and activities for people with developmental disabilities.


S.A.E. (Saturday Art Experience)

A weekly opportunity for kids to explore their creativity! 
Every Saturday at the Firehouse, kids can enjoy fun, exhibition-based arts activities.  These classes have changed during the pandemic!  Visit our online classes page for more info!