The Firehouse Art Center hosts two residencies each year, working in the South Gallery for three months before a culminating solo exhibition in the Main Gallery with the opportunity to guest curate the accompanying South Gallery.

The Artist Occupied program at the Firehouse Art Center is intended as a professional development opportunity for emerging and experienced visual artists.Bring you work to a new creative level as you connect visitors to working artist environments and processes.

Previous resident artists include Heather Kegel, Sean Faling, Jessica Forrestal, Chris Blume, Kaitlyn Tucek, Roberta Restaino, Chelsea Gilmore, Barbara Rudlaff, Amy Hoagland, Janelle Anderson, Jono Wright, and Nancy Eastman.







For me, art is not just a profession or a hobby, it is a way of life and a calling. Painting and carpentry are my vehicles for making a difference in the world and contributing to a better future for everyone. Inspired by my surroundings and experiences, my art explores themes of potency, capability, social justice, and resilience, bringing to life the narratives of survivors of gender-based violence. My works typically evoke a mix of emotions, ranging from somber reflection to profound admiration, highlighting the strength and courage of survivors.

What truly sets my portraiture apart is the use of kinetic sculpture to convey my message. My portraits are transformed into dynamic and interactive structures that bounce, spin, move and crash. The sculptures create an atmosphere of gritty exposure, while simultaneously enticing the viewer to participate. Kinetic sculpture injects a new dimension of life to my two-dimensional work. I look forward to explaining and displaying these structures for a new audience. My passion for art began when I was very young. I drew and painted anything that caught my eye, from landscapes to objects or people. While honing my style and interests, I fell in love with portraiture. The subject’s subtle expressions, their emotions, their stories can be felt with just a few strokes of paint. I wanted the power to capture that essence of a person in a painting. After finishing my studies at the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in Fine Art, and many odd jobs to support my art habit, I committed to being a full time portraitist and sculptor

My artwork is heavily inspired by the 1950’s swing style and retro imagery. Barbara Kruger’s methodology and concepts are largely influential to me, as well as iconic portraits like Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” or Caravaggio’s “Head of Medusa”.

I foresee an exciting future with Firehouse Art Center and the Boulder County community. When we travel beyond the traditional canvas, the realm of kinetic sculpture is intensely thought-provoking and inspiring, and I can’t wait to share my passion with the public.


I see the opportunity to be a resident artist at the Firehouse Art Center as a chance to grow and develop my artistry by interacting with women from different walks of life. I want to see through the eyes of the women in the community where I create, so I will recruit local models for new works, taking the time to learn their stories and a bit more of what their community means to them. I would also like to empower folks in the area that don’t have a working knowledge of carpentry by introducing them to power tools big and small, and how to safely use them.

Alongside my painting and sculpture work, I truly enjoy interacting with children. I look forward to utilizing my passion for molding young minds at the Firehouse Art Center within the framework of my current creative process. Teaching young people about the power of kinetics, linkages, and simple machines while also giving them visual outlets will be very exciting. I anticipate big messes, and great big fun.