Chelsea Gilmore is an artist, writer, and herbalist living and working in Fort Collins.  She has always been inspired by the natural world and communicates this passion through her craft.  Her work explores the boundaries of the familiar, the natural, the dream, memory, material, and layered experiences of story. 

Excited to connect writing and visual arts, Chelsea combines craft, repetition, material manipulation, and narrative in her latest works- weaving threads from her recent writers’ residency at the Wolverine Farm Letterpress, a non profit publishing company in Fort Collins.  In response to the current environmental and social climate, she feels compelled to create work seeking moments of intimacy, beauty, and wonder from industrial waste. 

As an Artist in Residence at the Firehouse Art Center this winter, Chelsea plans to create site specific installation works using familiar materials in new and exciting ways.  She is attracted to the potential of the many- questioning the opportunities of many parts and many hands. Using mass produced parts of working systems and breaking them down, she dissociates, recontextualizes, and reforms them into new visual networks.  The installations transform space into a macrocosm of microbial landscapes, encouraging the viewer to traverse with a sense of awe and curiosity.

Using the Art Center as a platform to connect with community, Chelsea will be involving volunteers in making art out of familiar and often discarded materials, both as take-home relics and parts of larger works. 

Visit Chelsea during her Open Residency Hours and join her in many community events this winter!