Inspired by vintage fabrics and renowned paintings in the canon of western art.

September 10 – October 10, 2020

There is something so gratifying about starting with many various shapes, sizes and colors of fabric, and ending with a whole new item. As a young boy I remember my grandmother always saying “It isn’t done yet.” Or “You just can’t see what it’s supposed to be yet.” and those words have followed me my whole life. Applying to not only crafts and quilting but also to life. I’ve always loved things that were a little outdated or out of fashion, so when I inherit someone’s quilt fabric stash (every quilter has one!) it transports me back to those rainy days in West Virginia, crafting beside my grandma.

Being born with a form of color blindness, I have difficulty seeing particular shades and colors. Most quilters will tell you that color choice is everything. I find that a strong vision and bold prints make for a more eye-catching quilt.

As I was beginning to plan for this show I thought of other artists who had strong visions and were often both criticized and praised for their use of color. While researching some of these famous artists I found that I was inspired more by their use of shape rather than their use of color. Putting the color aside forced me to look a little closer at some very famous paintings. Paintings I had looked at but had never really seen.

Combining my love of vintage fabrics with world renowned paintings, I have created this collection of three quilts.


About Nate George

Nate George is a new resident to Longmont, moving to town after 7 years in Boulder. Whether it is knitting, painting, or quilting he can always be found making something. Having learned the love of crafting from his maternal grandmother Nyoka, he continues to embrace her memory and her passion for making gifts for family and friends. He discovered a passion for quilting five years ago when he was trying to find a way to save his favorite T-Shirts and made his first memory quilt. He lives with his husband and a plethora of animals.