SEPT 8- OCT 8, 2023

The Firehouse Gigantes Procession occurs at the end of the Longmont Dia de los Muertos Family Fiesta on October 14th, 2023. We invite the community to process through Downtown Longmont led by Aztec dancers and the Firehouse Gigantes. Gigantes, or Mojigangas, are giant puppets made of papier mâché or cardboard materials. They are approximately 10- 15 feet tall and originated from Spain, but were brought to Mexico around the 1600s. The head and bust of the puppet are made of papier mâché, which is then mounted on a tall supporting A-frame structure.

Call for Artists and the Community’s help with fixing our current Gigantes and making 2 new ones!

In 2016 the Firehouse Art Center partnered with local artists to create the first gigantes for the procession. After 7 years of use and storage, these gigantes need a little love! We also want to create a few more to introduce to the community at the 2023 Gigantes Procession.

We are calling on the community to help us!

If you…

  • don’t mind getting messy and love creating with your hands
  • are a problem solver (any physics or construction minded people who can help us make the gigantes lighter, sturdier, more moveable but also easier to store- we need you!!!)
  • can create with a sewing machine or a paint brush
  • have experience cretaing with paper mache, or pvc pipes, etc.
  • have newspaper, tissue paper, acrylic paint, fabric, gems, etc to donate
  • love the Dia de los Muertos celebration and want to continue Longmont’s history of presenting a culturally authentic and appropriate event
  • want to just donate to support the making of the gigantes, please donate through the “I would like to donate” ticket!


This is an open studio time, where a monitor will help direct the creation of the gigantes. Each table station will be devoted to eiter fixing a current gigante, or creating a new gigante (the final design will be represented by a drawing, but the design is a crowd sourced creation, so the design is open to brainstorming how to make it better). Please reserve based on total time you plan to be in the studio so we can assess space and supplies.

This is an experience that is beginner friendly, designed for all ages (no kid drop off though- adults need to remain), and requires no previous experience with paper mache.

For more info and registration, please click here- Gigantes Paper Mache Open Studio

Looking for other ways to be a part of the Dia de los Muertos exhibit and celebration?  Click here!




I am a pencil artist focused on drawing the flora of the world in graphite and color. What inspires me? In a word, nature. All the elements and principles of design are at work in the natural world. Line, shape, color, texture, and value—it’s all there if you look close enough. My work with botanical and scientific art and illustration helps inform and inspire my teaching and design work in a significant way. I’m a better artist, teacher, and human because of the time I spend in the natural world.


I am a local artist spreading all the weird vibes possible through the pieces I create. I specialize in insect taxidermy as well as miniatures, combining both in the form of silly little bugs completing everyday tasks.