Expanded Impression

Jan 30 – Mar 2


Expanded Impression is a lens into the marks and their memories left by artist’s as traces of their  process. These impressions record both the artist’s unique visual language and in the activity in their making.

As a printmaker, I see marks as the primordial form of making. Through the act of touch, whether carved,  drawn, or cast, mark making is a fundamental and unifying action in the artistic process. These  impressions are the embryonic stage where new life is generated. In Italian, the plate or mold—the object  that holds the artist’s form of touch—is referred to as the matrix. This term originates from Latin, meaning  womb. Touch, beginning in the womb, is the primary force in which humans begin to understand the world. This fundamental human force begins at the earliest stages of life and continues as a mode of generating meaning, despite barriers of language, vision and of course the disciplines of art.

Expanded Impression is a collection of works that observe the artist’s touch as a form of memory. The act of marking the surface bears witness to the artist’s unique form of touch. This notion of impression gives way to an unbounded spectrum of matrices of which artists have employed in order to recollect their experiences and generate meaning. These artist’s work result as traces of their process—bound together by this lexicon of touch.



ARTISTS: Michael Foster, Ariana Kolins, Melissa Sclafani, Renate Mairie, Samantha Bares, Julia Klema,

Jeremiah Palecek, Loren Abbate and Jade Hoyer