About the project

I create pictorial art quilts that incorporate fabric, paint and thread based on photographs I have taken. I also eco-dye scarves with plants that I’ve grown and gathered. I live in Longmont, CO.

I create my art with fabric, paint and thread and plants too. My goal is to express my personal experience with a place or subject in a way that gives beauty, peacefulness and a sense of awe to those who view it. I am an ever-learning, self trained artist. I connect to the world around me with a sense of child like exploration, experimentation and joy. The beauty found in Nature is an ever present theme found throughout my work.

A recent addition to my fiber art has been dyeing fabric scarves, primarily silk, with plants, known as Eco Dyeing. This has been an exciting extension of my love for nature and gardening. Color is imparted to the fabric in two ways. First by wrapping flowers, leaves and plant material inside a fabric bundle. Then the bundle is simmered in a dye bath made from plants. The most fun comes when I get to unwrap the bundles and see what marks and color have become a part of the scarves.

Please visit my website at www.annettekennedy.com.


Annette Kennedy