Since I was a little girl, collage and painting were a way to play. I loved it more than all my other toys. I grew up in Chicago with art all around me. My mom was a multitalented artist who exhibited in the Sales Gallery at the Chicago Art Institute and in other city galleries. She was my first teacher and my primary inspiration. I remember many afternoons of painting and collaging with mom. Mom also taught me that art was healing. Because of this, I chose a career of Creative Arts Therapy. But, I never left my art behind.

In 1997, I moved to my “heart home,” Colorado, to take a job as a professor in a Masters program at Naropa University. As a full time teacher, I could take classes there free, so I enrolled in classes in watercolor and mixed media. A few years later I took the Fiber Art courses at CSU; and expanded that area of art by later studying with three excellent fiber art teachers from England. Like my mom, who did every kind of art, I had branched out into fiber art, collage, assemblage and painting again.

Since then I have continued my art education with local teachers. An art teacher in Lyons, Cathy Rivers, taught me excellent drawing skills and acrylics painting, I was in oil painting lessons with Jake Gaedtke for five years. My other local teachers are Jeanne Hogan, John Taft and lately, Rey Ford. I am so grateful for the amazing teachers in this area.

My landscape and still life paintings are representational, but my collages and assemblages are full of fantasy, with visionary themes that seem to take over to have their own lives. My collages often amaze me, as they sometimes evoke premonitions.

My art has been exhibited in the Firehouse Gallery, Ohm Gallery, Rabit Rabits Gallery, Manifest Gallery, Art on the River, as well as being in many group shows and local coffee houses. I am a member of Plein Air Artists of Colorado, the Longmont Council of the Arts, the Boulder County Arts Alliance (I received a grant from this agency) and of course, the Firehouse Gallery.

Art is healing,!
Art is life,!
Art is forever and it needs to be shared!