“I have always been drawn to nature and it’s life within. I create Interpretive drawings. Graphite, colored pencils, and ink are my preferred mediums. By seeking out textures and colors that “feel good” for each particular subject matter, I first compose line drawings. By letting the contours flow into the different objects I create, I loose myself in the drawing. At times the drawing itself creates new ways of being. By further choosing the colors to harmonize with each other, the drawings tend to be illustrative with a distinct style of my own.
I seek inspiration from nature itself as well as music, readings, conversations, and other artists. Some of the contours of Matisse, Picasso, and Klee are big inspirations. The interpretive subjects of Chagall, Rousseau, and Franz Marc, as well as Frida Kahlo have had a huge influence on me. My college professors instilled a stong passion and longing in me to create my drawings. The figurative works of Michelangelo and Rubens, as well as the “mood” Rembrandt created with every painting provide great inspiration for how I express myself.”


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