Charlie is a straight, white, male finding his way in a homophobic, racist, patriarchy. He lives with his wife and son on land stolen from indigenous people through broken promises and deplorable acts. He descends from people who have worked to sever cultural traditions and abandon ancestral heritage, of the people of the wind, he is a rootless. From this context he creates hopeful art for an absurd world.
Charlie has donated the money from the sale of his art to disadvantaged and marginalized people for the last twenty years. He has supported an Art Rehabilitation Studio in Russia (Maria’s Children) and a group home for disabled adults in Armenia (Warm Hearth). Currently his work can be seen at Still Cellars in January and Ozo on Arapahoe in October.
Online he uses the name Kleine Zwemmen, and can be followed as Littleswimming on Instagram. Studio tours are available, all artwork is for sale or trade.