Christianna Driggs is a painter originally from Rancho Santa Fe, California, whose lyrical abstract oil paintings convey a singular charm. A daydreamer since childhood, Driggs’s vibrant works capture the world through a whimsical eye.

Driggs began her art career in earnest after a sepsis infection left her in a coma for nine days and landed her in the hospital for a month. While recuperating at her sister’s home in California, she painted a pictorial homage to the art of Jerry Garcia—and she has been painting ever since.

Driggs is now settled in Longmont, Colorado. Her art hangs in private collections across the western United States and has been displayed at the Caroline Thompson Fine Art Studio and Madelife Gallery in Boulder, Colorado. Active in her local art community, she currently serves as a board member for ArtWalk Longmont.

I found a painting technique to explore. It suits my personality because it is spontaneous and has a mind of its own.

I apply a coat of oil paint—liberally mixed with a solvent-based medium—onto a smooth, gessoed panel or a stretched canvas.

As I paint, I spatter, stroke, poke, and swish images and geometric shapes—whatever comes to mind.

I enjoy watching the components of oil pigments deconstruct, forming all sorts of interesting results. Each pigment’s own personality mingles with the solvents. The results are serendipitous and three dimensional.

Dry panels shine like photographs, and canvases resemble water colors. The oil paint gives the work a fuller, richer body. The entire process is a dance between oil paint and solvent, choreographed by hand and brush.

I follow where the paint leads, never knowing exactly what will emerge. Each painting is like a journey into an unknown country.