For me, art is about learning. Learning to be quiet and learning to be loud. Learning to explore and to accept, to sit and observe, feel and touch. Art teaches us to look intently and avoid the preconceived. Art is freedom… with realities. Art is life.

My career began with art, yet it still is new for me. At 18, I began studying fine arts at C.U. Practicality led me to a successful 30-year career in graphic design but, recently, the fine art side of my soul started to scream at me. I listened. In 2015, I signed up for some classes and devoted time to a love of painting that I had put on the back shelf years ago. I’m learning. Therein lies the beauty.

I have been studying oil painting for three years with the respected artist, Rey Ford. I also have taken classes and workshops with Jordon Wolfson, Jake Gaedtke, Jane Hunt and Terrie Lombardi.

I was born and raised in Crested Butte, Colorado, as were my father and grandmother. I watched the coal mines closing down and the ski area starting up. Boulder has been my home since 1975. I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. I live in the foothills north of Boulder with my husband, Dave Harrison. My son, Collin Harrison, lives in Majorca, Spain.