Homa is an intuitive artist, designer, mom, story teller, music junkie, lover of dark chocolate, and yogi. Most nights she dreams in hexadecimal colors.

After graduating from University of Memphis with BA in Psychology, she studied graphic design at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. This is where she fell in love with the art of combining images with words.

In 2015, Homa started painting after having very powerful spiritual experiences and dreams that were inspired by a visit with a sound healer. Her creative story has never been the same after that.

“The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposefully, to cause vibrations in the soul.”
~Wassily Kandinsky, from his book, Concerning the Spiritual in Artart celebrates the rise of the Divine Feminine in spirituality.

Through meditation, body movement, music, praying, trusting and allowing, the interplay between form and formless come alive in her paintings. Learning to co-create with the universal law of love and life force makes the artist feel alive and present and it translates into energy flowing as art and in the end, resonates at an emotional, mental and spiritual level for the viewer. The Divine Feminine asks for cooperation, peace, and love from all of her children. We are one with wholeness of all there is, we are one with each other and one with God/Goddess. Homa’s art celebrates all of the expressions of Divine Femininity from all the traditions of truth. For the human race to survive and thrive, we need to allow the Divine Feminine to heal humanity, trusting and letting go of the surface ego, celebrating and recognizing the infinite individual. Homa hopes that with her art, she can, for a moment, remind the viewer that they are Divine beings living in a physical body.

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