NOV 12-22, 2020

For the second year in a row, the Firehouse showcases the creativity and community of our artist members through an exhibit of drawings created in response to the Inktober prompts.

Inktober is an annual drawing challenge, in which a single word prompt is chosen for each day of the month of October. Works should use ink, and have become a worldwide opportunity for artists to share their skills via social media.

In the Firehouse exhibit we show any piece made by any member artist that uses ink. To encourage participation and remove any additional financial barriers the works are hung unframed and unmatted. Works are limited in size to 9”x12” or smaller, and can include other media but must contain ink and stick to the single set of prompts. Short works from writers who participate in our workshops and open mic are also shown, from poems to short stories. Participants are not required to complete all 31 prompts – we’ll hang any number by an individual artist. The show typically includes over 100 drawings, and this year a pricing structure has been implemented to encourage sales of the work.

While some choose to take extra time with only a few prompts, others attempt the full 31 days and the range of styles and expressions come together to create an exhibit refreshing in its exuberance and diversity.