I marvel at the mysteries, vast possibilities, desires, and necessities all bound up in human beingness. In my paintings of bodies and cloth, cloth is in concert with bodies, enclosing them in silky knots and binding bundles, untying for free flowing escape, and then gathering and securing once again in essential holds. I see the cloth as extensions of the body, imitating human emotional knotting and loosening. While cloth is usually a means of covering and protecting, I want it to unveil and reveal, leaving the body open to vulnerability.

Currently, the particular people I’m painting, who are my age or older, are not positioned comfortably or gracefully, rather put in contorted and strained poses to perform inwardly multitudes of memories, adventures, and rich accumulations layered with time. I mean to capture something of their significance and strength of character that has been gained by lasting through uncertainties within the forces of life and death.

In many recent paintings and drawings I’ve left out the body and concentrated on enactments of the cloth alone, which I mean to relate to the same declarations of self as the bodies with cloth, of having both boundaries and soaring enormity. I want it to fold and knot, animated from unseen forces as it turns in on itself, with its own alchemical dance of transformation, each shape it taking unique form, never to happen again, just as each person’s composite traits and qualities are distinctly one’s own being.

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