About the project

The complication of life inspires me to use complicated combinations of materials and methods in my work. I create three dimensional shadowboxes, free form assemblages, and installations that defy categorization with calculated hodgepodge. I spend a lot of time “making the stuff to make the stuff,” re-purposing second-hand and throw-away materials with techniques like knitting, knotting, stitching, wrapping, staining, poking, gluing, and smashing. I use excessive texturing in conjunction with vibrant colors and curious objects to create a visual pull, asking the viewer to come closer than they might otherwise to a work of art. My hope is to use this material mishmash to keep the viewer engaged with clues to a certain complexity behind the familiar.


Jennifer Pettus is a multimedia artist living and working in the Denver metro area. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Sculpture) from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master of Humanities (Women’s Studies/Sculpture/Theater Design) from the University of Colorado at Denver. In addition to exhibiting locally, she has exhibited in Taos, NM; Lawrence, MA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Tlaxcala, Mexico; Morris, MN and Seattle, WA. Part of a new wave of mixed media fiber artists, Pettus is featured as one of 160 artists in the Dutch publication, Textile Art Around the World and recently exhibited her work at Fiber Art International 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA and World of Threads Festival in Toronto.