Longmont, Colorado artist, Joan Jordan, creates intuitive acrylic and mixed media paintings inspired by nature. Joan’s paintings capture impressions of the seasons…Summer abundance, Fall harvesting, Winter dormancy and rebirth of Spring.

Exploration of the fields and forests of Colorado are the seeds of her creations. The essence of these places is the start, and the emotional connection to them is the heart of each painting. Joan imaginatively combines paper, fabric and found objects into many of her acrylic paintings to enhance the textures and patterns found in nature.

Her colorful artwork captures a sense of the place, an emotion or feeling of being in the landscape.
Joan became absorbed in her artwork after mov- ing to Colorado in 2010. Previously, she worked as a graphic designer and ski instructor in Portland, Maine and Park City, Utah.

She lives in the Prospect New Town neighborhood in So. Longmont. She is president of the Prospect Artists Association, which holds a Studio Tour on a weekend in June each year.

Joan’s painting studio is located at 1515 Main St., Suite 202.
801 Confidence Dr. #6, Longmont, CO 80504 720-340-4020

joanjordan22@gmail.com | www.joanjordandesign.com