Julie Clement is vivacious; and her energy, contagious! This contradicts her hours of isolation applying meditative dots—an art process that feeds her as she moves between her roles as mother, active community member and writer. With capriciousness and boldness of color, she paints her soul’s desire, which playfully connects her to the Earth and the Unseen World. The story goes… while painting a wooden bowl a dreaded drip became a perfect dot… twenty-two years later… millions of dots have been purposefully placed. Each dot applied is a meditation toward Truth and Beauty. Except when it’s not. Her mind has been known to wander or go to the murky place and that’s when she inevitably drops her dowel and watches it roll across her canvas. She smirks and then cleans up her thoughts and the trail left behind. The drop and rolls occur less often and her process is joyful! Like the feeling when you dot an exclamation mark! ClementineArtCultivation.com