Kari Knapp was born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1977.  Raised in Moorhead, Minnesota and Tucson, Arizona, she enjoyed spending time outside exploring the different landscapes. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1992; this led to medical treatment and she spent time in and out of the hospital, which ultimately resulted in the removal of eight inches of her small intestine in 1992.  Her lifelong passion for art led her to pursue an art degree at Minnesota State University (Moorhead), where she graduated with a B.A. in 2001; during this time she also participated in a work-study program with the Minnesota State campus photographer.  Kari’s favorite classes were painting, photography, drawing and writing.  While in college she also participated in an exchange program, attending Western State in Gunnison, Colorado. Kari began exploring and photographing the beauty of Colorado.  She moved to Colorado in 2001 and began working as a full time pharmacy technician, doing art in her spare time.  While in high school and college, Kari painted images dealing with the pain Crohn’s has caused in her life; this art became a healing tool for her.  In 2011, Kari published a book called, Raw Emotion, a story about battling Crohn’s disease, coping through art work and overcoming adversity.  Her book contains paintings, drawings and photographs from her journey through hardship.  In 2011, Kari stopped all of her prescription medication for Crohn’s. She changed her diet to a more plant based, whole foods diet. She juices vegetables and fruit. She takes probiotics. Her gut is in remission. Kari lives in Longmont, Colorado where she enjoys hiking, photography, painting, walking her dogs and painting portraits of dogs. Kari also enjoys finding heart shapes in nature and photographing them. Art will always be Kari’s passion. Her artist statement is, “I love capturing the beauty of nature in a photograph or on canvas.  I enjoy painting vibrant landscapes with acrylic, using my photographs as references.  Being in nature has always brought peace into my life. Thinking back to my memories at the lakes in Minnesota, exploring the desert environment in Arizona, and taking trips to the oceans, I realize nature is what keeps me balanced. Living in Colorado, I explore as much as possible.  I love being outside taking in the scenery.  The mountains give me peace. They challenge me physically and emotionally.  I am humbled by them.  Nature reminds me that everything is connected. In nature I can sit quietly with God, my mind uncluttered to focus on the path of peace.  My earlier works of art conveyed the pain and hardship of life, which was healing for me. Through my journey I’ve learned to accept myself unconditionally and to live in the moment. I hope my story helps others to do the same.  Now my goal is to convey the peace, happiness and gratitude I feel when I am in nature. I hope my art helps other people see the beauty in life and dwell in the peace.”

Find her online:

Website: www.kariknappartist.com