I am a transplant to beautiful Colorado from Illinois, arriving here in late 2014 to be near family. My education was in the teaching and social services fields rather than art but art is where my heart lies. As a single mom of three when I finished my degree, I expected to be an elementary school teacher but going with circumstances and the flow, instead found myself working as a counselor/casework supervisor in the Illinois Department of Corrections until retirement in 2008.

Although I dabble in a number of mediums, I am primarily a doll-maker with a passion for creating bold featured souls imbued with healing, spiritual, celebratory and/or whimsical natures. The clay and my fingers intuitively collaborate to first create a unique face in polymer clay which is then baked and painted with acrylics. At that point, they usually begin to speak their stories and direct the formation of their bodies using sticks, wire, fabrics, fibers and odd bits. Recently, I’ve branched out to include birds and “Wonkies” in my repertoire. I remain alert to see who else might be waiting in the wings of my imagination. If you ever meet one of my people or critters, I invite you to lean in to hear their whispers. Each has a bit of magic to share and tale to tell…..

Instagram: @katales