My most recent work is made up of many layers. It is composed of pattern, free form shape, text, and more concrete subject matter. I wish to give the viewer an array of visual possibilities. It is important to me to use various styles of mark making, collage, paint application and printmaking. I incorporate bits and pieces of ephemera that speak to me and reflect my experiences as a mother and an individual.


With my paintings, I try to make sense of what I don’t understand. The universe, the ocean and weather are reoccurring themes. I give poetic insight into the world’s inner workings. Boats become vessels for exploration and direction. Ladders lead us into change and insight. Houses let us take root and become their own characters in my small worlds. I pair these symbols with pattern and abstraction, hoping to allow the viewer their own interpretation and reaction.


Born in Kansas, I relocated to Colorado in 2011. I have previously worked as an elementary art teacher. And these experiences working with children have greatly influenced my process as an artist. I hold a BFA in Painting and a MA in Art Education both from the University of Kansas.

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Instagram: @katiethompsonart