About the project

Kayla grew up in small-town Wisconsin where she found a love for art at a very young age. And like most of Wisconsin youth, she spent much of hers in taverns; only she was busy drawing the bar flies from a fort she’d construct out of stools.

Her passion to create never ceasing, she decided to expand her knowledge and attended the Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts where she earned her BA in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History. She gravitated toward the challenge of the nude human form and capturing the raw emotion of everyday life.

Following college, she did what a lot of kids with degrees in Art did…joined the Wisconsin Army National Guard.  Almost immediately after training, she deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, where she developed new connections and friendships that soon would alter her path completely. She was introduced to the loud, dirty and entertaining world of motorcycles and their riders.  Her artwork grew, defined itself, became more individualized and then, more motorcycle driven, weaving together her own grittiness, brotherhood and pride.

Kayla founded Inferno Art Studio L.L.C. in 2012 where she works predominantly as a commission artist to exemplify her use of diverse subject matters and mediums. From oil and watercolors, to graphic art and design, textiles, enamels and mural work. Her artwork has made a footprint into the motorcycle industry, with engagements all over the United States; showing work as well as performing live paintings at different events. Kayla is not one to be limited by a strict definition of canvas, and she finds an addictive passion in exploring new elements and discovering new attitudes in her own work.

Website: InfernoArtStudio.com

instagram – @KaylaInfernoArt

facebook – https://www.facebook.com/InfernoArtStudio