When I was a child I loved to draw pictures of women. I imagined what I drew birthed a new person somewhere in the world, and I was the architect of their story. I would release my drawings to the wind in the woods behind my house, believing then they would be born. Yet I myself felt a victim of the machinations of the great invisible puppeteer that dictated my life, sending in people and experiences I had never agreed to or wanted. As an adult, I soon recognized this “great puppeteer” was merely the servant of my own perspective. I realized I was the powerful force that created my world.

Now I paint feminine power, beauty, and passion as messages to be born in the universe. We women have historically positioned ourselves in relation to others as mother, wife, daughter, etc. In their unapologetic nudity, my paintings stand alone in the expression of womanhood itself, absent of other. They are not only the story of my own feminine awakening, but every other woman’s story as well.

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Website: kyracoatesart.com

Instagram: @kyra_coates_art_infusegallery