My passion for photography, nature, spoken and written word, dance and activism has guided my art over the years. From poetry publications and poetry slams to modern dance companies, pottery studios and orchestrating giant street theater puppetry, I’ve followed my heart and allowed my spirit to guide me. I am an extremely visual person. I see in my mind with explosions of awe and I love to see that captured in the cleanness and color of a photo. A moment in my mind saved. Much of my photography has arisen from travel and natural surroundings with a substantial focus on sunsets and landscapes across the country. Recent client projects include personal photo journeys, environmental portraits and visual story telling to support causes from animal rescues to volunteer fire departments. Every opportunity I have to work with a client is more than a final product – it’s about true spontaneous smiles, the heart of a couple, looking deeply into the eyes, the beauty of age, the playfulness of children, the beauty of saved animals, and so much more. Allow me to work on artfully presenting who you are at your core, your passion and the beauty of your soul. Moving forward I also feel performance art sparking up, combining photography with dance and improvisational spoken word.