Art Collecting 101

Various Artists

November 8 – December 3, 2017


This exhibition is intended to be an entry point for those interested in contemporary art collecting, but are not sure where to start. By curating a collection of accessible works, my hope is to inspire new and seasoned collectors alike. The work included points to the expanding variety of mediums, styles and types of artwork available and highlights a small sample of the incredible diversity of work being produced in our area. This eclectic grouping includes captivating small works on paper, rare porcelain curiosities, unique weavings, cutting edge embroidery techniques and fresh mixed media work as well as bold paintings, contemporary collage, dynamic sculptures and accessible prints.

Purchasing an original piece of art is not only a truly unique gift, but it is a purchase that comes back to you through expanding arts and culture in our community. When you support local artists, you support imagination and curiosity. Consider the education, perspective and emotion that an artist puts into a piece of work. Then consider how incredible it is that you can purchase a tiny piece of that to share with your friends and family for years to come.

Curator: Jessica Kooiman Parker,