The Firehouse Art Center has opened up their Main Gallery to their Artist Members for Hang Time at the Firehouse. All members, whether painters, potters, photographers, or sculptors, were invited to share, hang and display their work. Created as a community building, collaborative exhibit, members were invited to line up to hang up on Sunday, November 6th, with the early birds getting to pick their spots first. At the close of the exhibits, the artists will return and deinstall their work, including time to patch the walls and help paint.

“This exhibit allows us to highlight our local creatives as a great way to shop local and support living artists.” says Elaine Waterman, Executive Director of the Firehouse. “With our Holiday Market on November 26th and 27th, and Hang Time on the walls, the whole gallery will be filled with unique, creative and beautiful options for gift giving!”.

Hang Time opens on November 11th at 6pm during Downtown Longmont’s 2nd Friday festivities.


Jill Rumley
Roger Carver
Vonalda Utterback
Mark Ivins
Jana Hanavan
Monica Carroll
Kathy Hall
Triana Singelyn

Grace Gutierrez
Fred Diehl
Kylee Covilli
Eliza Swain
Matt Maenpaa
Coy Ink
Emily Moore
Elaine Waterman