Sara Broers Brown – Artist Member of the Year

February 7-25, 2018

According to the dictionary, voice is the sound in a person’s larynx uttered through the mouth as speech or song. Voice is also defined as the utterance of a guiding spirit, typically giving instructions or advice. Throughout my career, I have created work that is, as defined above, my feminine voice. My artwork in this collection express my personal voice as a visual journal. Some of my work is very intimate such as “In Memory of my Unborn Daughter” and “The Gift” which speak of my miscarriages and hope for fertility. Others such as “Life Reflected” and “Outside of Myself” illuminate my cancer journey and speak to the broader awareness of the human experience. My most contemporary pieces speak a collective feminine voice of the worldly experience as accumulated through media and meditation. Each image has a personal story and message for me. And, I encourage the audience of my artwork to find their own voice within the world of my art.


Compelling acrylic mixed media paintings and fiber art are the expression of my intuitive voice. My impressionistic, painterly style illuminates the local landscapes and figures with variety of visual perspectives. Metaphoric symbolism evokes emotive contemplation within social and cultural contexts. With organic line and vivid color, my work is alive with texture of paint, fabric, paper, and found objects. Though my art is large in scale, the viewer will be drawn into my work as they discover bits of text under layers of tissue paper or an exciting polka dot batik. My artwork speaks to a large range of viewers who are invited to create their unique personal narratives. I have participated in many national juried shows, gallery exhibitions, artist in residence, and studio tours and have earned high honors and awards. I am a licensed Colorado K-12 Art Educator and continue to instruct all ages in the public schools and workshops in various media including acrylic and watercolor painting, drawing, and quilting.

Curator: Jessica Kooiman Parker,