–  Kaitlyn Tucek –

Won’t You Make Believe With Me?

September 5, 2018 – October 7, 2018


Won’t You Make Believe With Me is the culmination of Tucek’s three month residency in the South Gallery at the Firehouse Art Center. Constructed with collected materials, Won’t You Make Believe With Me explores the concept of home through inhabited time and space. It also aims to promote the idea of community while exploring our everyday.

In order to capture and understand the essence of this small community, Tucek walked the streets of downtown Longmont soliciting ephemera from businesses, individuals and passers-by. Each of her explorations and conversations are marked by an item, whether paper or object. You may also have met her at the Farmer’s Market or in one of our many parks. You may find your own receipts.

Suspending lines of memory from above, each item collected combines into an immersive mental map; a series of floating thoughts we’re invited to imagine as our own, and continue to multiply with the provided paper and pencils, the way particular ideas take hold and flourish. Old Town residents may even find their homes in the grid of polaroid sketches: notes commemorating place, the moment the photo was taken, and the artist’s response.

By assembling the physical evidence of remembered places, events, and interactions Tucek presents us with a whimsical yet concrete reflection of our own community, skillfully encouraging analysis and response. The project is ultimately about the evidence of human interaction; by artfully presenting us with this collection of scraps, we’re reminded that our interior and exterior lives have physicality…that each of us leaves in our path a wake of evidence, and all of our paths intertwine.