Despite our pop-cultured doomsday fantasies, the true definition of an apocalypse is an “uncovering,” and when translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, a lifting of the veil, or revelation. Volcanoes, and the anthropocentric extraction that surrounds them, are physical manifestations of the apocalypse of our world. They uncover the energy that comes from within, continuing a constant revelation. Exploitation of the land, along with humanity, can be seen in the bright and explosive compositions of current and toxic environments. My work explores the apocalypse as slow coming, slow happening, and every bit a continuation of the world as we know it.

By utilizing the rich and toxic qualities of oil paint, along with various methods of application, I aim to explore the volatile ways in which volcanoes behave. Channeling this expression means allowing emotion to be the catalyst for intense natural phenomena. Whether it be the brilliant greens and yellows harvested from the Kawah Ijen sulfur mines, or the mesmerizing textures that surround Hawaii’s ancient lava fields, volcanoes simultaneously create and destroy, serving as an energetic source of all forms of inspiration.