Art has always been an escape for me from the stresses of life as well as a vehicle for expression. As a child, on weekend visits with my father, I sat at a card table in his studio apartment and drew for hours. I would get consumed in this process. It was as if I was sucked into another world and everything else around me completely fell to the background. As an adult I have found the creation of art to be a refuge and an opportunity to engage the viewer in a range of emotions. These days, I seek to elicit joy, balance and hope for myself and others. To my surprise, I have found hues of pink to be the go-to staple for all my pieces- contrasting rich blacks, blues and metallics, while pushing and pulling shapes throughout the process. The results are whimsical abstract images in which the viewer can escape and breathe, even for just a moment.

About Melissa Frank-Williams

Melissa Frank-Williams is an emerging abstract and figurative artist living in Longmont, Colorado. Her work is inspired by her travels and the wild places of her home state.

Melissa was born in upstate New York in 1973. She began drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon and kept creating through her teenage years. For many years her artwork was put on hold for her career in social work. In the mid 2000’s she began painting and drawing again, learning from accomplished artists while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico and working at a contemporary art gallery on Canyon Road. She also served as a volunteer at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe. In 2011, Melissa moved with her family to Boulder County, Colorado where she continued painting and drawing when time allowed while raising her son and working full-time. In 2020, she dove more deeply into her painting and began entering competitions. She has received multiple regional recognitions and most recently was accepted into a competitive national exhibition in Los Angeles.