My paintings and prints spring from observation, perception, invention, memory, intuition and play.  Explorations of my natural surroundings on foot, skate or ski fuel much of the work. The experience of nature instills a calm and a self-awareness I find essential to the creative process— so the two often become intertwined.  I am interested in preserving and sharing my connection to the landscape and all of its mysteries, challenges and joys.  Depiction is less important than an evocation of the infinite, surprising and sometimes chaotic way the natural world can inform and nourish each of us, when we pay attention.  The creative process and an exploration of materials are also central to my work.  The eye and hand at play uncover layers and connections in a surprising way.  I often observe that my studio practice positively influences the way I approach life outside the studio, stimulating an open-minded approach to problem solving and discovery.  Recent series have evolved out of the experiences of the rivers, canyons and peaks of Colorado, Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, the woods and meadows of Vermont and a nine mile skate on Lake Champlain in the Adirondacks..

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