MAY 13TH – MAY 30, 2021

The FIrehouse Art Center presents a tongue-in cheek homage to one of “America’s Most Okayest Presidents.” Featuring educational tidbits and contributed work from Longmont
and beyond.

The Grover Cleveland Art Appreciation Society has what is likely America’s largest collection of contemporary Grover Cleveland-themed art, with over 200 pieces – a selection of which will be on display in the Firehouse South Gallery. It was founded in 2018 to support and encourage developing artists. The Society is inspired by Grover Cleveland’s quote, “Someday I’ll be better remembered.”

“Why Grover Cleveland? Well, why should Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln get all the glory? Our founder is a fan of art, off-beat roadside attractions and American history. The Society is a fusion of all three interests in celebrating America’s Most Average President. And despite his ordinariness, there are some
interesting things associated with Grover Cleveland, America’s non-consecutive executive, known in his day primarily for his honesty and integrity, and for being the only president to get married in the White House. Come see the art and learn
more about Grover Cleveland.”

The Society acquires Grover art in three main ways: First, they try to commission 6-8 new pieces each year from developing and established artists. Next, they try to buy a few existing pieces of Grover Cleveland art each year (and yes, they’re as surprised as you are that there are existing pieces of Grover Cleveland art for sale!). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they invite visitors to the Pop-up Museum to draw a Grover, and if you have a few minutes before you leave they invite you to draw and donate a Grover to the permanent collection.

Curator Brandy Coons first encountered the pop-up at the Longmont Symphony’s Fourth of July Concert in Thompson Park, in 2018. Drawn to its good-natured,
humorous treatment of a historical figure, she then invited the pop-up to host a booth at ArtWalk (Longmont’s summer arts festival series) in 2019, and is  looking forward to seeing the growing collection in person again.

A community endeavor, an educational opportunity, a bit of performance art: the Museum is a joy to experience for visitors of any age. Check out their collection and brush up on your Grover Cleveland facts on their instagram: