Rick Stoner’s work is well known and highly regarded; his western themes make him particularly well received in Colorado but his reach extends beyond region.

Rick Stoner grew up in Cortez, Colorado and now lives in Longmont where he works as an artist and teaches at the Front Range Community College.

“The subjects in my paintings tend to take their own paths… I start out with a particular setup, then end up putting more objects in or taking things out or moving things around. My paintings sometimes tell me what I need to do.

Painting keeps me sane and calm. While I am painting I am seldom distraught or upset about things. Just the idea of working with my hands, even if I am just doodling or drawing provides a great relaxation for me. Painting is just something that I have to do. I get too crazy otherwise.”

In addition to his work at Firehouse Art Center, his work can also be seen at Abend Gallery Fine Art in Denver.

RS-Morning500 rick_stoner_art1 RickStoner