Robert Shea has studied fine art and digital multimedia since 2005.  Having mostly lived in the Colorado front range, he derives plenty of inspiration from the local environment, wildlife, and new age ideas.  Vibrant colors and swirling textures are prominent in many of his paintings, combining the psychedelic and the somewhat familiar.  Other subjects and imagery drawn upon include folklore, mythology, classic art, and pop-culture.


Originally having studied 3D Animation, and then Broadcast Communication, traditional art forms have been a valued outlet in the increasingly digital modern world.  Starting with genres like comic book illustration, web cartoons, or video game concept art, Robert has never stuck to one path for very long.  Other traditional mediums include recycled materials, costume design, and paper sculpture.  More modern methods include video art, 3D projection mapping, and audio recording.


As he continues to refine his style, Robert likes to maintain a perspective of “never not learning” in as many aspects of art as he has time for.  Sharing art with friends and strangers alike has been immensely rewarding to this artist and he hopes to increase the scale of creative idea execution in the future.


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