My mixed media collages and quilted wall hangings are my expression of my intuitive voice. My subject matter ranges from landscapes featuring the Rocky Mountains to visual narrative pieces dealing with women’s issues. My mixed media paintings and quilted wall hangings, though varied in media and subject matter, illustrate a cohesive style through the use of organic lines and vivid color. I have participated in many juried shows during which I have been awarded several first place awards, People’s Choice, and an Award of Merit. I was awarded Rookie Art Educator of the Year in 2002, by the Colorado Art Education Association. I have been represented in galleries such as the Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art, Inc. in Chelsea, New York, New York, and cooperative membership at the Muse Gallery in Longmont, Colorado. My most recent award was Best of Show at the Pinch and a Dash show at the Mills Pond House Gallery, St. James, NY. The Gift was published in What was Lost by Elise Erikson Barrett as an illustration of hope in this book about miscarriage in 2009. Currently, my artwork can be found at the Alta Vita Center, Boulder Neurosurgical and other venues in Boulder County, Colorado. My art is large in scale yet the viewer will become intimate with the art work as they discover bits of text under layers of tissue paper or an exciting polka dot batik fabric in red-orange against a blue-green stripe. My pieces speak to a large range of viewers from very young through the elderly as each come to the piece with their own journey to define what they see.

Phone: 303-775-9148