About the project

I am dedicated to creating artwork that highlights our scientific and spiritual knowledge and how
it relates to the chaotic and often humorous circumstances of life and consciousness. Exploring
the wonders of the universe in detail while extracting the ironies and sarcasm behind humanity’s
linear condition and our illusory version of reality are among the primary topics of my pieces.
Abstract work is also important to me as I can explore the physics and dynamics of shapes,
colors and perspective in nature and how to translate them into a compelling piece.
My process reflects influences ranging from pop, graffiti, Pacific Northwest, Mayan, abstract
expressionism, and Art Nouveau.  I specialize in screen printing, block printing, and monotypes,
striving to make my art accessible to everyone and keep a grass roots ethic. Whether abstract or
objective, my process results in a print series that features the same composition and color
scheme with a unique background and registration creating a different and completely unique
piece with every edition. India inks, spray paint, acrylic house paint, solvents, photography,
polymer clays, colored pencils and print inks all find their way into my practice as I get bored of
the same process quickly.  It’s a thrill to print on any substrate that will hold ink and paint on any
surface that will legally hold still long enough. Additionally, I enjoy creating singular art pieces
from my print matrices to offer a three-dimensional perspective to my 2-D work. I graduated
with a Bachelor’s Degree in printmaking and art history from the University of Northern

Find him online:

Instagram: @Stroke14Art

Teepublic.com: Stroke 14