South Gallery – The Art of the Postcard (2022)


The “Art of the Postcard” is the first in person showing of Inverted Syntax’s curated postcard project, one that has been growing since its inception in 2018. “The Art of the Postcard” is a call to everyone to create and participate in an often overlooked medium— one that vacillates between the outdated notions of high and low art, that blends art and writing, and whose two-sided format requires physical interaction with the object. The audience’s engagement is a return to exploring all elements of art, of a message —the nuanced personality traits evident in writing alongside art.

“We collect postcards year round with no deadlines using social media and other media platforms to attract submitters.” Nawal Nader-French, Curator for the project, explains. “We were initially more interested in the writing, assuming people would not send their original creations in the mail. We were mistaken!”

Past submissions have included original creations as well as store bought designs. “The postcard presence and creation is a subversive act, it functions outside of high art and literary approved realms, while yet belonging to those very categories. While the arts can be an intimidating space for non-artists and non-writers, we feel the postcard changes that by expanding on the definition of what it means to be a writer and artist,” Shared Nader-French, who likens the postcard’s small format to a text message rather than an email.

Through the exhibit, Inverted Syntax and the Firehouse aim to draw attention to this subversive medium that combines art with social and/or political writing, and to inspire audiences to create and submit their own postcards. The Firehouse will be offering an interactive postcard making station at the gallery, as well as hosting two livestream reading of works and a postcard creation workshop.

Art of the Postcard Exhibit Walkthrough With Curator Nawal Nader French

Looking At You Looking At Me: Postcard Women in the Contact Zone- Artist Talk with Salma Ahmed Caller