Light to Darkness

Lindsey Marie Karnuth & Brandon James

March 8 – April 9, 2017


Artistically these two local fine artists philosophies are on opposite ends of the spectrum. She is light. He is darkness. This collision of opposing perspectives from full to empty, light to dark, both artists chose to focus on their strengths. Taking Brandon James’s photography Lindsey Marie Karnuth stitched thread through and drew over each print. Each artist is represented individually to harmonize together.

This series sends a powerful message. Art is a perception of what you feel not what you see. All perspectives are welcome. Do you choose to see the dark or the light? In our modern world of instant gratification they remind us to slow down. Compelled to examine the details the artists invite you to form your own conclusion. For it is not their intention to persuade you, it is none of their business. It’s what the artwork says to you that speaks volumes. They love you enough to let you be free to decide and encourage curiosity. Let go of your fear that no one will love or understand you if your perspective varies.