Midnight Potato Museum

Dustin Holland, Connor Magyar, Jared Romero, Madi Chamberlain, Janelle Fine, Nick Holland, Alex White, Bradley Books, & Maggie Shearon

May 3 – 21, 2017


We ate potatoes every night of the last week of 2016. In that week, we found ourselves staring into frying pans to admire the shapes and sounds before us. Sizzling in an almost exultant and decidedly final sort of dance. A baking potato will swell ever so slightly as it heats in the oven before falling into itself. A French fry will giggle and gasp in oil. A potato chip will leave maps in grease stains on the bottoms of innumerable paper plates. We want to take the incidental art of our favorite starchy nightshade and give it some agency. We want to see how beautiful the potato can be when it’s trying.

-Dustin Holland and Connor Magyar