Risky Business, featuring works by Melissa Furness, Ian Torres McLaughlin, Kevin Sloan, Michael Frazier, and Trine Bumiller




Risky Business”, curated by Summer Artist in Residence, Jono Wright, brings 5 contemporary artists to Longmont that aren’t afraid to push boundaries. From a moss covered wheelchair, to a painted refrigerator door, the artwork included in this exhibition is the result of experimentation and fearless adventuring beyond the known and comfortable.

“Brains are maximally creative when they trade security for surprise, routine for the unknown. But those mental leaps come with a cost: they are risky.”

No matter what genre or mode of production, an artist’s practice can get predictable and safe and thus lose its novelty and vitality. This exhibition showcases artwork that embraces creative risk-taking.

Works listed clockwise around the South gallery.

1. “New Moon”– Kevin Sloan, 22”x20”x16”, resin deer head, tire, paint, crystals, $4,800

2. “14 million hungry bellies”– Ian Torres McLaughlin, 71” x 36”, Antique refrigerator door, plates, car paint, oil pastel, watercolor, $4,200.

3. “Hospital”– Kevin Sloan, 36”x24’x28”, Wheelchair, artificial moss, tree stump, paint, $10,500

4. “You’re Dead Meat”, Melissa Furness, 48” x 72”, Oil on stretched canvas, $14,000

5. Altered photography-Michael Frazier, 23” x 19”

6. Altered photography-Michael Frazier, 23” x 19”

7. Altered photography-Michael Frazier, 23” x 19”

8. “hair splitting”- Melissa Furness: Installation Title (all works as installed here): 
Media: oil on canvas, hinges, drawing wall decals, 80 in.(H) x 26in.(L) x 18in.(W), Price: $10,200 (for full installation all elements included)

Individual Paintings Info:

8. “bored out of my skull”, – Melissa Furness, 12″ x 12″, oil on wood panel, $1,000

9. “Gotta wash that man right out of my hair”- Melissa Furness, 60″ x 18″, oil on canvas, $4,600

10. “makes your hair stand on end”- Melissa Furness, 60″ x 18″, oil on canvas, $4,600

11. “Filtered Life”– Ian Torres McLaughlin, 23” x16”, Car engine air filter, shirt, polyester thread, & acrylic paint, $1,150

12. “Stanza”– Trine Bumiller- Contact the gallery as the panels are part of a larger piece