Born out of a “need to push portraiture beyond the figurative illustration of a subject and towards an abstract interpretation of the person” works in the show emphasize a physical revelry in color and material. The people chosen were mostly selected from images of various drag performers that he was invited to photograph throughout a several year period, two paintings are self portraits, and one was envisioned.

By choosing subject matter to include drag performers and self-portraiture, Lucida allows us to contemplate the various levels of representation, along a spectrum of self-expression with added layers of painterly creativity.

Using oils and mediums allows for an extended work process, a month or more devoted to each painting and its layers. From
Lucida: “I build the image up in layers of paint until I have a traditional rendering of a portrait. Then, I start to add additional layers of paint that I distort with various mediums, brushes, palette knives and homemade tools. This is the high wire event for each one of these paintings; as I push it towards the edge I use my intuition as an artist to decide at which point to solidify the visual chaos at the desired moment.”

“Helios Lucida was born in the southwestern United States. The formidable years were spent in a rusty steel town located in the eastern part of the United States. It was during this epoch that the propensity for the imposition of a reconstructed visual reality began to take hold and manifest itself into the creative psyche. Formal matriculation was conducted at a societal institution, where upon completion a certificate was issued asserting such.

Helios Lucida currently resides in the central United States finding the location prime as a base camp for missions outside the perimeter and into the frontiers where expansive planes of geographical reality exist.”